running returns.maxpat on max 7.3 - arc is linked, encoders are sending cc values, but no visual led feedback… can anyone here describe their working setup?

os x 10.11.6

js: no function p [sine-point.js]

over and over and over and over

I’m os x 10.10.5 and max 7.2.4

I’m getting LED visuals over here, does sound like you could be missing sine-point.js, i think this creates lists of LED values for the rings, and if it was missing or messed up it could explain your issue. This was included in the monome package i downloaded through the max package manager, so maybe check that you have that installed I’m currently using version 0.0.2

are you running returns.maxpat from the monome max package? you can install it through the package manager.

ahhh i downloaded it from github.

just added the monome max package and it’s working now.

wow this is cool

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renamed thread to be general returns discussion

Been using returns to control patches made with @trickyflemming 's simple midi and Euromax to great results

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oh nice!

wondering how hard it would be to modify the range on the LFOs… i’d like to be able to make them faster and wider.

I’ve wondered recently if it was intentional to limit them the way they are. But would love to see what you described implemented!

This is totally off topic and might sound a bit weird, but I do believe I saw you and Kaitlyn at Leo Carrillo a couple weeks ago. Was too nervous too say anything in the moment for whatever reason haha

also being able to recall presets from a grid would be super useful

what?! that’s awesome. you should have said hi :slight_smile:

Was looking at returns for the first time today. It would appear that it’s not respecting the channel setting (storing it to cc-out not mc-out). I’ve submitted a pull request to fix this…