Reverb designs by T. Erbe

very interesting talk about reverb designs. clear and instructive (even for a non-programmer)


Great! Thanks for posting.

whoa that was really good

saving this for a snow day

erbe-verb is a great module, probably my most used reverb.


erbe-verb is stunning. not just as a reverb, but over all amazing sound generating/processing unit.


you’re welcome !

i agree.
glad you like it.

beyond the subject, i liked the way he structured the talk.
and then he’s giving a precious method to go from idea to realization. r&d, prototyping, choices, costs, etc. (at some point i thought about monome prototyping mp and tt with max.)
there are very valuable infos from that video !

enjoy ! you will not be disappointed

@scanner_darkly @laborcamp
yes i would definitely use this module if i had a euro set-up (tt then -isms are making euro very appealing)
i can’t wait for the plug-in now !

Reviving this thread to ask if anyone knows where one could find this video, seems to have banished from the internet.

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yes i could’nt find it either… i’ve searched their site and vimeo.
i regret i didn’t dl it, as it’s a very good talk.

try asking Mr Erbe directly ?

or is there someone from the ucsb around that could help ?

um… I did actually download it and would be happy to post it back up providing tom or uscb were happy with that… although it does beg the question of why it was taken down.

on a related note, he is also currently putting up various patches from a course he is teaching, which is a killer resource for anyone interested in pd or sound design (or both!)


the archive link on the seminar page is a 404. maybe the video is not really taken down. it’s perhaps just a technical problem ?

I sent him a message asking if it’s unavailability was deliberate and if sharing the video was ok, will report back if I get an answer.

@pxxlhxslxn Very nice patches there, thanks!


Tom replied that I should check with UCSB and just got a reply from them.

@beo figured it out, the old MAT seminar web site had to be taken down because of problems with the server and will be back up once they move to new hardware in a couple of months, so it’s only a matter of time.


Would also love to watch this! Looked around but sadly couldn’t find it anywhere else.

I wrote the IT manager for UCSB MAT to check. I was at the original talk, but definitely would like to check it out again!


… and it’s back up! had to be converted from Flash to mp4.


That’s awesome, had totally forgotten about this, thanks!

This is great, thanks!!

@charlieroberts After seeing @qype 's comment from May I emailed the same day you did. I’m glad they followed up this time and reposted! I’ve been looking forward to watching this, especially after listening to the Art + Music + Technology podcast interview w/ Tom recently as well.


yay - does anyone know if the actual patches are anywhere ?

answer: I think this is it:

oh and slides for the visually oriented !

all bases covered here

on nice he’s got max too:

this tom erbe website business is good stuff