Reverb with springtanks

I am seriously considering getting an intellijel reverb module with associated springtanks, any experience of this set up from the community?

I have the Springray 2 with two diff. tanks – really like it, I think it has a nice selection of controls. Anything specific you’d like to know?

what size of tanks do you use, and how do thier charecteristics differ, also do you have them inside a case, keen to know about any noise issues

I have the small blue plastic brick, and the large one.

They differ in sound – the small is very ‘springy’ for want of a better word – you get the characteristic sproing with attacks.

The large one is more mellow, and while it’s not much longer in decay than the small one, it is longer.

I have the small one inside my case, and the large outside it. I did have some issues with noise, but once I shuffled the small brick and the module in my case a bit, I got it to be so quiet it doesn’t bother me at all. Some positions of the brick/module did result in quite a bit of noise, so that’s something worth taking into account.

I really like the EQ – sweeping it with narrow bandwidth settings is really nice, as you get these phaser-like sounds. Also the feedback is fun.


thanks for the quick response, how did you secure the small tank in your case?

The small tank is the most susceptible to noise since it’s just a plastic enclosure, it doesn’t provide much shielding. That being said, I’ve always found somewhere in my case I can position it where it’s not a problem. Usually keeping it away from digital modules which have a lot of high frequency clocking going on for their CPUs and peripherals helps.

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@Kenny2609 I used double-sided tape. I know, not the most future-proof solution, but I have a metal case, so…

@kisielk – yeah, this is exactly my experience, too. I have tons of digital modules in my case, so was not surprised when some positions proved noisy :slight_smile: But sure enough, even with all my digital modules, I found a spot for the module where noise was virtually nonexistent. So I hope nobody is deterred by potential noise, it seems very much a question of just finding a nice spot inside the case :slight_smile:

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I see them exposed a lot - maybe not the best for keeping ambient noise down but you can mess with the springs for added effect.

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