Reverse Performance Fredrikstad Norway 10-12 Sept 2021

I make the music for this site specific project we perform in Fredrikstad Norway.

With Reverse (premiere in 2018), Johannes Bellinkx invites you to enter the world in a different way. Looking ahead makes way for retrospect. The purposeful changes in the unforeseen. By turning our literal direction around, Reverse makes us aware in a confrontational way how we enter our world. A hypnotic soundtrack and the fusion of fiction and reality makes Reverse a unique physical and mental experience.

Reverse forces the spectators to be present in their bodies in a completely different way. In many Eastern and African cultures, there is no ‘past’ or ‘future’: a principle that replaces the linear, Western concept of time with simultaneity. What would our existence mean without the goal we constantly take as our measure – if past, present and future made up a single entity?
This work, like Bellinkx’s performance ‘Framing’, is also about perception. In Reverse too, your view and frame of mind is lashed.

‘Your field of vision becomes widescreen, the focus broadens; as if you’re withdrawing from everything.’
**** Volkskrant


That’s fantastic. A fantastic spectacle and a great idea. I wanted to prolong it so slowed the YT speed to 0.25, which did very intriguing things to your music too!

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