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Hi :slight_smile:
I’m new here, I used to lurk and had some topics I was following on the Review category (“suggested reading” for example) and now I can’t find those topics anymore. Did something happen to that category? It seems empty now.

Sorry if I missed some announcement on that.


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the Review category has been superseded by Open for awhile now, and its topics have been shifted over time to Open and the appropriate categories elsewhere, such as Process and Tech. it’s been a long work in progress. for awhile, we had three duplicate/overlapping categories for the same types of general discussion threads: Review, Open, and Uncategorized. we finished the Uncategorized cleanup awhile ago, and have been working on reducing the Open and Review duplication/overlap since then.

Open is limited to Regulars and Members, per the lines refocus. there are still some things to be sorted out; we appreciate your patience as we continue to work on improving this space.


Well, that disappearance of the topics under Review is pretty harsh. I’ve been enjoying some lengthy discussions under reviews (I haven’t posted anything yet) and now I had to scratch my head why they are gone.

In case you really need to be that oppressive to the users below Member, could it be at least the message displayed clarifying the situation?