Revolution of Our Times: Fediverse for Hong Kong

Hi Everyone, I wanted to share with you this compilation made with the Fediverse (aka people on mastodon and other decentralized social networks) I’m a part of:

This is a benefit compilation. All money collected will go to the Sue The Abuser crowdfunding campaign, which is collecting money to help 10 victims of police brutality in Hong Kong seek justice in the court.

During the progress of the ongoing pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, a shocking display of abuse, mistreatment, torture, unlawful arrests, and sexual assault was reportedly perpetrated against the members of public (including bystanders not participating in the protests), the press, and first aiders by the Hong Kong Police Force (see below). A group of 10 individuals is currently looking to sue the HKPF for these events. As Hong Kong Free Press has reported, “The funds will be used for hiring expert witnesses and lawyers, and also for legal fees if plaintiffs lose.”

For more information about the crowdfunding campaign:

For more information about the alleged police brutality:
Amnesty International: Hong Kong: Arbitrary arrests, brutal beatings and torture in police detention revealed

Amnesty International: Hong Kong: Brutal beatings and torture in police detention - new evidence

United Nations:

Human Rights Watch:

Reuters: Amnesty accuses Hong Kong police of abuses, torture of protesters

The Guardian: UK halts sale of teargas to Hong Kong amid police brutality claims

Expansive list of police misconduct compiled by Hong Kong citizens (please note that while many cases have video or image proof, we have to refer to all cases as alleged before proven):

Thank you for considering supporting this cause.