Rhein - Hallways

Hi everyone

I just released my new album Hallways on bandcamp. It leans ambient for the most part and is my attempt to translate my recurring dreams I have of my late grandparents’ house and that feeling you get when slightly waking from a dream.

This is my first album that was properly mastered and was done so by one of my favorite artists, Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black knoll studio. He was a pleasure to work and I would recommend his work to anyone.

I used norns for the first time here and I’m using the oooooo script for that tape wobble effect. I wanted to dip my toes into it and I think the next thing I do will feature more norns. The rest of the album uses the new prophet 5, juno 6, modular and lots of samples.
Oh and it’s free!
I hope you enjoy


I have downloaded this, and it’s very nice.

Thank you

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@rhein Thank you for sharing this, I’m really enjoying it.

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Thank you so much @Gordon_Strange and @Helen. Great to hear that you are enjoying it!

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Really pretty stuff. I’m listening while in bed and reading up on hynopompia!

Any surprises in the mastering process? I love getting that second pair of ears across my music, but sometimes it still feels completely opaque to me. Like, I think this sounds better, but I can’t tell you how or why.

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The biggest surprise was mainly with the field recordings and samples. He brought in sounds that I couldn’t hear before. For the most part though it was like you said. Thanks for listening!

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