Rhein - Swamps

Hey everyone! I’m new here and just starting to look around on the forum - I thought I would share the album I just released after nearly a year of working on it. I use a lot of modular synth that I sample and move around in ableton, found sound, youtube, a Juno-6, and a reface dx. I would love to talk about my process or answer any questions. Thanks for listening! Excited to check out everyone else’s stuff on here too. There will be a cassette release as soon as I get them in the mail which should be any day now.

Some notes on how I wrote the album:
I usually start with a droning chord on the juno with lots of reverb and spend many hours in the rack trying to figure out something interesting. In “Regrets” the interesting thing I found was modulating MI Rings structure parameter which gave me these really cool almost steel guitar sounds. I then record into Ableton and chop up the recording, move things around, play around with effects until it’s not anything like what I recorded in the first place. In an OPN interview I read he mentions how a lot of the sounds he gets are from random settings and effects and I took that to heart.


Thanks for sharing, and welcome!

I was happy to find this on Apple Music and am already enjoying it :+1:

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Thank you! Glad you are enjoying it

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Just wanted to make an update that I finally received the cassettes for this - if anyone wants to check it out you can purchase it on bandcamp