Rhizome Fundraising Compilation

Hello all

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Please forgive me if this open call is an intrusion on your privacy and feel free to mute the thread and let me know to exclude you in future communication about the comp…

I’ve been in contact with the volunteers @ Rhizome (specifically Layne Garret in my last few messages) with a few proposals to help dull the financial blow of this pandemic. It’s a really cool venue that some of you have likely visited & performed at in the past.

I wasn’t sure what they might have interest in and initially shared several ideas:

  • a compilation
  • split singles where two/four artists each make a track for release
  • series of ep’s documenting live performances in the artists home or some other safe space

All of these are still on the table but we’re leaning toward the first option for starters. They are currently setting up a bandcamp page and hashing out other details…so I decided to reach out to you all to gather ideas and begin gauging interest in participation.




If a compilation or splits are on the table then my label Ingrown Records would potentially be down in helping to release a tape or two.

I can also help with videography, video editing, and photography stuff.

A festival on Twitch/ Facebook would be really cool.

And another Gofundme or Fundraising Drive in general wouldn’t hurt, I don’t think!

Curious to see if anyone has any other ideas.

All the best,

Ryan Watson

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I’m more than happy to contribute. Audio or if for some reason the economy of video would help, there’s a collaborator I’ve done a lot of work with that has been unseen. Thanks for asking… Stephen


Happy to contribute as well! Music, Digital Artwork etc.

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Sounds cool! While I’ve never performed or been to rhizome before it’s definitely popped up on my feed so I know a bit about it.

The mastering engineer (Jake Reid) who mastered my 2nd album is DC-based, and I know I’ve seen him post about having shows there before. I could reach out to him if mastering is needed (he also might be interested in submitting a track). Not sure if your plan was to keep this lines community-oriented or not, either way is cool.


not at all lines-only, please ask on our behalf

geoff wilt is in on the project but just not a member here (yet)

once we have more detail i may migrate updates to email to be more inclusive

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This sounds like a fantastic idea!

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I would also love to contribute to this. I’ve been meaning to set up a live stream and this would give me the drive to learn how to do it correctly if we decide on that. Will be great to help out Rhizome!


Thanks for asking. I’d love to contribute a track or even a live performance. That place is so important and needs to stick around.

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Happy to contribute. I actually have a collaborative piece in the works (myself and Tag Cloud) that’s based on a remix of a performance we did at Rhizome – that might be a particularly appropriate contribution?

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Not sure if having an unknown me on a comp would generate the necessary revenue, but if invited, I would be delighted to contribute! I never made it out to Rhizome myself (couldn’t fit it into my schedule last time I was down there), but my DC friends love it.

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Happy to contribute to a compilation at the very least :slightly_smiling_face:


Happy to contribute as well regardless of which path is chosen. I can also help out with any design needs if that’s something that’s needed.

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Would love to be part of this in any way. Have performed and attended shows at Rhizome, and it’s an awesome space. @Nonmimeticform and I were holding dc modular collective meetups there for the last year. Layne contacted me about listing my streaming show on the Rhizome site, but we never followed up.

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I would love to contribute a track. Places like Rhizome need to exist!

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I’m so glad you all are willing to help and have so many great ideas! By my tally we’ll have roughly 15-16 musicians participating (which seems great).

Just to clarify…this really isn’t about the money. It’s more a project we hope makes a bit of cash, but is really focused on highlighting the impact of the venue…extending the community…and creating some positive experiences thru this collaboration.

Mr. Garrett has suggested we plan to have a comp ready for the upcoming Bandcamp Day next month and I agree. In order to have artwork & mastering done by June 5, I’d suggest we set May 19 as the deadline for submissions. Does that seem reasonable?

No theme this time around, but try to keep tracks less than 10mins in duration.

Can we get a tally of those who think they can meet this target? Don’t worry too much if you can’t…just try to let me know if you’d like to be included in the July edition or another future project.

@jlmitch5 please let me know (here or via dm) when you hear back from Jake w/ additional details

I reached out to Ava about helping w/ art work for the comp

If that plan falls through than i’ll dm @polaskya & @corpusjonsey to discuss ideas and prepare something

I think a live stream leading up to the release date could potentially build some hype and draw attention to the organization itself and the compilation. Thanks for expressing interest @scotttburton @Benjamin_Mauch

But would one of you mind spearheading plans for that? I don’t think i’ll have the time/energy to plan it myself but wouldn’t mind sharing a set if the date fits my schedule.

@stephenvit and @ingrown seems like turnaround time for these will extend beyond June 5 so once the music is done I’ll dm or email you to figure out the best way to proceed (if you are still interested)


Sounds good. For the moment, I’ll be sure to get an audio piece together by then (likely collaborative).

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I can definitely contribute a track and want to play a livestream if possible but I don’t think I’ll have time to organize that part of it.

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then for the first iteration, simpler and smaller scale might be best (perhaps lets start w/ just three of us on the bill)

would you prefer donations made during the show be split by performers? i dont want to ignore the fact that artists need support as well

Good question. I wouldn’t mind having the money go to Rhizome personally but it probably depends on everyone’s situation. Maybe we do an even split and then performers can donate their proceeds if they want?

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