Rhizome Fundraising Compilation

First off–have been enjoying all your tracks–holds together better than I would have expected for a comp.

Second, I’m an artist and the technical director for a (now streaming) sound art event called Sound Scene (@soundscenefest) sponsored by the DC Listening Lounge and the Hirshhorn Museum next weekend and would love to include the comp as interstitial music between programming blocks. I’ll only use your music if you explicitly grant permission in this thread or by DM. I was originally planning on only using my own tracks, but I the comp is in very much the same spirit and theme as the event. I don’t know if I can promote the comp on any of the graphics for the show–but I’ll ask. It’s a little tricky because there are sponsors and the museum involved, so it may need to fly under the radar.

For my track (resonant space - monocacy), I created melodic and bass sequences in the Five12 Vector sequencer–which went out to a Frap Tools Falistri function generator as my oscs, The melodic line went to a Jove filter, and then both went into a Magneto delay. I also had some field recordings that also went into the Magneto–a rainstorm outside my window, and a recording of me walking along the C&O canal. A recording of some Tingsha bells went into the Tapographic delay, and then into Valhalla room in the Z-DSP. The recordings were all looping in the ER-301. Mixdown on the WMD Performance mixer, and recorded on the MixPre 6. The track was then put through a tape wash using a Marantz PMD-430 deck. The PMD-430 hadn’t been used in awhile, so it added a fair bit of warble–haha.


excellent news!
you have my permission

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same here, feel free to use mine if you’d like

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Same here as well - feel free to use mine if it fits!

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Permission granted! That sounds cool.

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You have my permission.

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wow, pianobook is amazing!

ooh permission granted ! thank you

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permission granted. Thanks!


There is so much on there already! Especially if you use kontakt. There are a bunch of outdoor pianos around the city I live in and thought I might make a contribution.

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Would be delighted to have my piece with Stephen Vitiello included of course! :blush:


you have my permission, Thank you! (btw: could you edit my last name to Rodenberg :blush:)


thank you for all your hard work! sounds lovely!



sorry i misspelled it earlier

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i’m not upset, sometimes i think about changing my name with the U to make life easier LOL. Thanks, this comp sound beautiful!

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Permission granted for me too.

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Thanks to everyone that’s generously granted permission to stream their tracks. I spoke with the event director yesterday, and she agreed to let me put up a credit/link to the album on Bandcamp!


I’d like to personally invite all of you to Sound Scene 2020 this weekend. There’s going to be some cool programs you may enjoy–and you can listen to your tracks between the streams–thanks again! I have my artist presentation (Barry Schmetter - Earth Music) on Saturday at 8:15pm ET. Event link below–show is free!

Sound Scene 2020

Join us for SoundScene 2020: UnSeen to explore sounds we miss—the invisible, internal, and not-yet-amplified elements of our world. Lose yourself in a sonic meditation, dance to the rhythm of nature, meet the engineers behind NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts, and so much more!

SoundScene 2020: UnSeen, organized by sound collective DC Listening Lounge, unites local audio artists with national and international creators for a two-day sonic experience sharing interactive sonic workshops, live performances, show-tell-AND-listen adventures, and more.

All sessions will take place on Zoom between 10am and 9pm EST. A full schedule is available at www.soundscenefest.org, and a link to the sessions will be provided after registration. We encourage you to drop in at any time during the day!


Whoa, interesting. Never heard of this group before. I’ll have to stop by sometime when the world is more habitable and hospitable. I’ll definitely try and tune in to the event.

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hey yall
been listening to this again and am so grateful for each of your contributions!

trying to think of ways to bring more attention to the comp because it’s just…wonderful :blush:

also forgot to share the process behind my track:

i used gradient and scenery to mix a few phone recordings which remind me of dc, or rhizome itself

  • one was made on the metro platform while commuting to work years ago, the train was arriving
  • another was an improv recording w/ a banana synth i owned at the time (the grackler)

Finally having my first proper listen to this today, excellent work everyone!

I’ll share my process too. Chris (Tag Cloud) and I played an improvised duo set at Rhizome in July of 2018, which I multitracked for future… something. I played Eurorack, lap steel, Alchemy, and made a weird drum loop. Chris played (IIRC) Mother 32, Microbrute, and a bunch of pedals.

Chris subsequently remixed the stems of our performance to make it much more compelling, and added some additional Kastle and Mother 32. I then RE-remixed it to make it (hopefully) equally compelling but much shorter, and added some additional Eurorack.