Richard Galbraith's Modular Rendition Of Tallis's 'Salve Intemerata'

This is a project by my client, Richard Galbraith. It was eight years in the making, and is a rendition of ‘Salve Intemerata’ by Thomas Tallis, from the Renaissance period. I don’t normally spam forums with my mastering work, but very occasionally something so great and moving comes along that I feel obliged to! The synth programming, arrangement and mixing chops are off the charts. The lossless downloads from Bandcamp are at 24/96.

23 minutes of perfection. Just stunning. Crank it up!


This is very nice. I wouldnt have known it was done on a modular. I guess it shares some heritage with Carlos’ reworking Purcell. Though has a different quality to it. I imagine this was originally composed for choirs.
Just read the Wikipedia for Thomas Tallis which I thought was quite facinating as he spanned the reformation and the switch back to catholicism during Mary and then protestant again Elizabeth. Certain musical approaches came in and out of fashion to deliniate these changes.
His memorial In St Alfege’s , Greenwich seems to have been destroyed during Hawksmoors rebuild of the church. So there probably is some Peter Ackroyd style psychogeographic intrigue to be woven into all of this.

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Was already listening to this the whole day since I am a fan of Richards early music interpretations and bandcamp had notified me about this new one.

He made an album some years ago, probably just before starting on salve intemerata. A nice collection of shorter works, original vocal too:

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It sure sounds gorgeous.
Thank you for sharing !