RIP Mark Hollis


I’m at total loss, too. One of my dearest favorites. <3


Hollis will be, has been missed. But you’re in for a phenomenal treat. Laughing Stock is one of those records that changes your entire perception.


Never encountered this audio. Thanks for posting that.


I think one of the weirdest things about Talk Talk for me personally was that I got fully immersed in their music and loved it for a pretty long time without seeing hardly any videos or live footage. They were presented to me with MH’s sort of mysterious legacy of disappearance right at the beginning, so for some reason I sort of assumed that there was very little out there to see.

Anyway, the heart of my rambling: my mind was blown when I saw this. Seriously fantastic.


Bleh I don’t know why it didn’t do a preview. It’s the full Montreaux concert. Enjoy if you haven’t seen it (or again if you have already :slight_smile: )


Well yeah what people actually mean by that is that there’s not much live versions of the trilogy Spirit of Eden / Laughing Stock / Mark Hollis, which is very much the case. I’d like to say sadly but sometimes you’ve got to go along with the fact that a record is all there is and in this case it’s so powerful already I don’t feel like I could ask for more it would just be greedy of me :slight_smile:


I don’t know what else can be said here in addition to what everyone has said. All I know is Laughing Stock is hands down one of my favorites, it changed my perspective on making music. It sums up everything I love about music all in one complete unit; improvisation, studio manipulation, extreme minimalism juxtaposed with density, noise contradicted with beautiful harmony, free time mixed with repetition. Its a complete masterpiece, akin to a some of the best abstract expressionist paintings, ala Rauschenberg or Motherwell. Lets not forget all that everything just sounds so damn good. I’ll have to re-read all of those Phil Brown interviews again, but I seem to remember they didn’t use any microphones made after 1967.