Ripplemaker / buchla inspired patchable ios synth

bit hard to judge the sound, demos have a lot of reverb. looks like it has midi cc control over most parameters.


I’ve played with it a bit… so far I don’t feel like it nailed the design. That “I could lose hours tweaking the knobs” thing is just missing. The sequencer is also uncomfortably close to the one from their (excellent) 303 re-think, which doesn’t make sense. None of it feels very Buchlaesque.

Greater universal karma, you owe me $8.99

Perfect sentence. Too simplified to be inspiring or even useful. It’s no Buchla, no Aalto, just a toy that lasts five minutes. Damn.

I kinda wonder whether this is described as Buchla-inspired just because the creator hasn’t spent much time with modular, and no time with non-Buchla modular.

I don’t know. It’s not the worst iPad modular, but it’s a long way from the best. (Which is Audulus from what I can tell)

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Thanks! The read that I’m getting from people who have both Audulus and Ripplemaker is they like the self-contained aspect of Ripplemaker where sometimes Audulus can feel daunting.

That said, users are cloning hardware modules into Audulus all the time, so you can find all-in-one dealies in this section of our forum:

From the demos I’ve heard of Ripplemaker, it sounds really nice and seems to take little CPU. It also can load multiple instances in AU, which is in development right now with Audulus.

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finally got a chance to play with this. i like the immediacy of semi-modular and i’m happy to have buchla inspired timbres in my phone :slight_smile:
i’ve been using my op-1 as a controller and sampling sequences to the tape deck.
are there any other ios instruments that live in this sonic territory?

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Now that he’s implemented stackables it’s much better. Now it looks somewhat like a software version of a 0-coast. Still there is something wrong with it, but I don’t know what it is.

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Audulus of course! People have made some LPGs and there’s plenty of waveshaping options as well. Check out this cool video someone made with a Mordax Data showing 4 different waveshape oscillators:

But other than Audulus, off the top of my head, I don’t know very many modulars that are also West-Coast style.


@audulus can go from surface to the fundamentals, it can sound Buchla and it can sound Serge, works on iPhone, iPad and macOS, but it isn’t as friendly as ripplemaker is. There are also some standalone wavefolders (one from K-devices, one from Audiodamage) you can use in Aum or Audiobus to process other synths, and they can give some of that 259’s timbre charm to a lot of things you might already have.