a water droplet sequencer for norns (currently at v0.5)

I’m quite new to norns, lua, etc. but this idea has been bouncing around for a while now, to let interfering circular waves (“drops”) trigger notes (which I call “stones”, that for now are just MIDI note values) and modulating their volume (for now) via the ambient “water level”. This is an early version, but I like the way it’s headed and I’m quite interested to get some constructive advice on how to improve it.

Next steps (once my grid arrives) is to both mirror the screen on the grid itself, but also allow a fluid interface to position stones and seed droplets, to make it more of an instrument than a static demo. I also can’t quite seem to cleanly modulate synth levels externally, i.e. I want ripples to be each voice’s one and only envelope.

Further development can be tracked on @entropybound on instagram


For now just norns, and I require the Sines engine to be in place.


At the moment this is a demonstrator, so there is little to document. The configuration of stones and droplets is hardcoded in init() but it responds well to interactive use in maiden.

Install by typing
in the command line (">>>") at the bottom.

This currently installs v0.5, which is much more capable than the video above!

K2 selects the stone (which light up when it has focus)
K3 selects the drop (which…doesn’t do anything at the moment, TBD)

The last button pressed sets the “mode” (stone mode, or droplet mode)

E2 selects the parameter according to the selected mode:

  • Drop parameters cycle through x, y (position), t (time!), k (wavelength), and f (function, not working)
  • Stone parameters cycle through x,y (position), t (not implemented), n (MIDI note), and s (FM index)

When you are setting a parameter for a stone, hitting K2 will cycle through the other ones. Same goes for K3. This lets you use the button and E3 to set parameters for all stones or all drops quickly.

The wavelength parameter (k) is a lot of fun - you can get very slow variations at low k or very fast ones at large k (which is just the wave number from physics class!)


v0.3 - Source code (tar.gz)

norns, supercollider, waves, ripples


This looks fantastic! My request would be to include an external MIDI output option :slight_smile: .

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+1 for MIDI output. Great work! Excited to see where this goes

Sorry for the silly question…but how do I install it?


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answer is below, but point taken! - i’ve added it to main section too. GitHub has v0.5 which has a lot of new features.


This really great! looking forward to see how this shapes up as you develop it!