rLung documents a generative E.modular patch

wind / breath in Tibetan

rLung is an in-progress album, with tracks added fairly regularly. It documents the development of a generative patch. The modules and connections among them are shown in the photo below.

This is a new approach to an album for me, i.e., it’s on-going and based on an evolving patch. Going ‘public’ with 4 tracks is a commitment (if only to myself) to continue with it awhile. I think this approach constitutes a ‘release’, albeit it non-traditional. Serial, as it were. Perhaps C. Dickens obliquely inspires.

It’s likely that the pieces to come will be on the short side. At least, at present that’s been working for me.

More refection on the process will be forthcoming.


The photo below will be updated when appropriate.


Now a 6-part suite.

Final two pieces were longer than anticipated.

Bandcamping it sooner or later.

Now on Bandcamp.

Looking towards a December 5th release in the streaming world.

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