Rob Hordijk Modular System

Who else has a Hordijk system? I have two years of working with mine. I love it, but I still feel like I’m learning my way around. It’s pretty dense for only 12 modules. The sound and functionality are amazing! Worth looking into if you’re not already familiar.


Is it eurorack? 20 characters

On the list, another 1.5 years to wait I believe…

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5U, but Epoch modular and others have done versions of a few of his modules. The Epoch stuff is great, but Rob’s 5U versions are on a whole other level.

Definitely worth the wait!

Here’s Rob playing a set with his system.


would love to play with one of these, as my epoch twinpeak is one of the coolest modules I own if not only for its pinged quality- always amazed how a piece of electronics can create such a profoundly natural sound.

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I did try the Blippoo Box. Was a lot of fun! Wish I had one.

Rob is offering them again, slightly redesigned. I just got mine. It’s great!


If you’re in the nyc area ever, you are welcome to come try mine.


please share an image of the system, if you feel comfortable doing so. i’ve learned so much about analog synthesis just from his workshops alone (at least the ones on youtube/vimeo)! v curious how the designs have changed in the recent iteration of his system.

Whoaoaoa. Link? I’m having trouble finding out where to nab.

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Speaking of Hordijkiana, I recently discovered (and nabbed) this module called Rung Divisions which is like a Benjolin without the oscs + filter. I haven’t delved too deeply into it yet because the power keeps going out where I live.


This is mine, along with a set of Euro effects and CV sources. It’s a ludicrously fun system for the kind of electroacoustic nonsense I like to do, though it’s also fully functional for melodic/sequenced music.

The look/feel is Moogishly staid, but–all of the modules do the things you’d expect them to do, but then they each also pack in less-traditional functionality (S&H in/outs are everywhere, for example).

There’s a wave shaper, but then the OscHRM takes a completely different route to a similar timbral destination.

There are three different ring mods, and that’s not counting the frequency shifter.

In the triple LFO, each LFO can modulate another of the three, resulting in pretty complex CVs should you want them.

The mini matrix–I never want a synth without a patching matrix again.

This series of him speaking at NOVARS is an excellent intro to how he goes about things.


Would love to hear and read what people been doing with their blippoo boxes. Got mine a month ago so have not so deep knowledge of it yet. Looking forward of having a bit more concentrated sessions with this amazing instrument.

@pmj should have some insights here …!

Would love to hear where you found yours.

There’s been a guy (nb. not me—wouldn’t characterize myself as such) who has been trying to sell his for months now. I keep seeing it listed and re-listed at different prices, which are always much too expensive (for me) but I don’t know how much they should cost, given a blippoo’s categorical proximity to a finished composition than an instrument ‘per se’.

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These limited devices fascinate me and not only because they seem like a marvelous little sound machine, but also because it’s like glimpsing an endangered species–something that’s rare to find these days.

Straight from Rob, he took orders in about 4-5 months ago at least - not sure about now, but just write to him.

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