Robert Henke - Give Me Limits

Found this great video while browsing YouTube early morning today:

Great bit about modular synthesizers in particular at around 41:00


I loved watching this. He’s an adorable guy. I’m not 100% agreeing with his statements, but i like his thinking.


He’s definitely a very engaging speaker. It’s always nice to get so much insight in to others’ ways of thinking.

“From a pure philosophical perspective, tape and scissors is everything we need.” :slight_smile:

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Very inspiring. Thanks for posting!

Recommended: Barry Schwartz - Paradox Of Choice:

Given an abundance of options and you not knowing exactly what to choose, when you choose something there is always the nagging feeling that you could’ve made a better choice. What follows is that you’re not as satisfied with a choice between an abundance of options as a choice of a limited selection of options.