Robotboot - Continuous

Hello…With the new dedicated “Release” thread I would like to tell you about my latest album Continuous released on cassette(with a Lenticular cover) and digitally.

Continuous is my sixth full length album. The A-side is a loose exploration of ambient minimalist sounds and themes. All composed on my Sequential Prophet-6 and Korg Poly-800, with a Moog mf-104 and recorded on a Portastudio 424 mkii. The B-side is a series of 3 new songs made out of my “Music for Aquariums” experiment. They were created by taking extended modular ambient songs and reforming them into upbeat-on-the-grid songs. The B-side has a polar opposite feel to the A-side. The 4th track is an off-the-cuff jam session that I just happened to be recording.

Continuous also has a complete visual album

This is the Visual Album for Continuous. It relies heavily on a generative video process with Tachyons + gear, LZX Industries video synth, video mixer’s, and filming a old Sony CRT monitor. It is a psychedelic audio visual experience full of color, alien landscapes, microorganisms, lakes, clouds, creatures, etc.

Some shots of the cassette, recording the a side, and gif’s of the lenticular.

Robotboot_Continuous_1 Robotboot_Continuous_2 Robotboot_Continuous_3

This was a lot of work but also a lot of fun…it came together easy and i did something a bit different from my norm, but maybe thats just my norm to do something different each time…hard to tell externally. Feel free to ask me any questions.


Looks/sounds great. Picked one up. :vulcan_salute:

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wo…thank you so much :green_heart:

@robotboot I was wondering what filter do you use around the 6:30-7:00 minute mark of Continuous? I like the sound a lot!

That’s all the prophet-6. High Pas is at full resonance with full key tracking in conjunction with the low pass. Both prob had some envelope.

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This is so great. Loving the textures.

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@robotboot wow! a wonderful record… congratulations!

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Thanks so much for the encouraging words. I have some other shots from my trip that I would like to “score”

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