Robotboot - "Modular on the Spot Chicago 2019.07.28"

This is a live recording of my modular on the spot performance on July 28th 2019. Unexpectedly my friend Luke showed up and said would you like me to record the performance. This was a simple recording with the recorder placed in the audience with the sound coming from 2 PA speakers and what it captured with the natural sounds of the cicadas really resonated with me and added to the performance. Growing up in a area where the periodic cicadas came out as do the annual cicadas I have a strong connection to the summer and the sound of them relating to memory and feel good warm times so after the fact the tracks where split up and names are inspired from cicadas. I decided to take the recording and run with it and fix it up via mixing and mastering it myself. I placed it on bandcamp for the price of $0.00 in the spirit of module on the spot being a public event for all of us to get together.

monome-ansible-kira took on the note sequencing, One synth voice and one bass slash percussion voice. vpme-Euclidean Circles took on precision sequencing and clocking. I also had a oscillator-filter feedback chain to make some more off the grid spacey sounds. All rain into the dub mix and a spring reverb thats inside the case. This was an improvised performance with just a couple programs sequences to start from.

My take away was that it was very refreshing to not have any keyboard with me and take my time and focus on the modular and be more part of the performance myself. I dont perform often but when i do I sometimes overwhelm myself with bringing to many things and trying to play things that are planned out instead of sort of letting loose having some fun.


Now up on all the streaming services if anyone is interested. Thanks for taking the time and have a great day and feel free to hit me up about anything. all the links here :slight_smile:


love the cicada sounds. they totally relay that summer night warmth feel you mentioned (totally welcome in the cold of this cold cold season). fun patching! thank you for sharing.

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