Roger G. Kies - ghostspecterspiritspookwraith

I just released my first album - :ghost:.
The name is :ghost: but that’s not allowed as a title here… ghost, specter, spirit, spook, wraith are some of the possible translations of the German words Geist and Gespenst which would be the most probable names of the :ghost: emoji.

I was planning to do so for years but never managed to do the jump over my own shadow of insecurities, now i did and it feels great! Before i just uploaded stuff on soundcloud or compiled recordings and improvisations into mixes, thats not nothing but this one feels different and is a bigger project with a tape release, collaborations and remixes.

I’m making music since i was 12 or something, for a long time making beats, later getting more experimental using pure data et cetera, one year i had a band where i was one of two drummers (playing my nord drum 3p, the other one played acoustic drums) we played haunted pop but were not playing good enough for our own songs :smiley: There’s a bit of all of that in this album.
I think i used my nord drum and pure data on almost every track, also there are samples from the radio, a friend doing no-input mixer feedback, strings and pianos from mx.samples, me singing into my laptop microphone and a guitar solo from David Bowie’s Space Oddity. Some tracks are almost plain one take recordings of improvisation, one is constructed entirely in bitwig studio, everything else is somewhere inbetween.

I think everything comes together in a feeling of something not quite there, not quite absent, a little weird and haunted.

A friend of mine wrote a little text for the release:

After the fever something has burned out. Everything evaporates, dissolves into dissonance, static architectures, polyphonic dreams, distorted memories and washed out sounds: reminiscences of some place else. Have I become their fears? Mocking their feelings of what they think is being alive: too much of a shell, too hollow as substance, a storage of collective memories and past ideals – but not quite vanished, still enough to interfere. A communal body, bridging the chasm, the echoes, of what could be also part of here.

After I decided to release this I asked some friends if they want to remix something, yesterday i got three really different remixes and there are some more coming soon. I’m really happy about that, it’s a cool experience too hear what other people do with my sounds and an honour that they spend so much time with what i made.

I hope some of you will have a listen, it’s a pay-what-you-want-or-nothing download on bandcamp and there are probably a few tapes coming too. I made 50 tapes from which i’ll give 25 to friends and collaborators and will see if i can sell the remaining on some local events this weekend :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to remix something, hit me up!

I finally put up the physical Cassettes on Bandcamp, there are just 5 of 50 left to buy now. You can also DM me here and i’d be happy to do a Tape swap too :slight_smile:


Hello from Hannover :wave: good to find someone else from the same city on here! Really like the sound of the album and would be happy to get a tape, I’ll DM you :slight_smile:

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Congrats on taking the plunge, always a scary moment but it feels great. :heart: