Roland Boutique series

I succumbed to the same GAS for these a little while ago. They are both good but the TR-06 is a surprisingly powerful drum machine. It’s definitely a lot more capable than the original 606 thanks to its modifiable sounds, built-in compression and FX, probabilistic sequencing, and CV trigger outs. It’s basically become an outboard xox style sequencer for my modular gear.


Yeah i had a TR-606 back in the day, and even though the TR-6S has ALL the Roland drum sounds it just doesn’t appeal to me like the TR-06 does, i have a huge collection of sounds on the Roland Zenbeats app on my android but it keeps losing sync via usb to midi with my other gear.

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Yes, yes and yes!

Here to declare my love for the trigger input on the 03, as well as the delay controls on it and the 06:


Yes, I also hope to see the Jupiter model updated.

Yesterday I tried the CV ins on my 02 and they sounded great.

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It would have been fantastic if they’d updated all the TR-0x series firmware with this (fantasy being the operative term here).


Recieved my TR-06 today (a sale on at musicmatter) what a lovely thing it is, the sound customisation, shuffle, different send fx levels and sub-step probability, this thing is a 606 on steroids.
Definitely gonna order the TB-03 next week.

Edit: Got my TB-03 yesterday (and I’ve got my eye on the SH-01A a polyphonic 101 yes please), very nice, i put a post over on the Acid techniques thread but as these are both edits is anybody going to see them ? Would somebody please have a go at this pattern -

EDIT: Amazon sent me an offer i couldn’t say no to, within 10 minutes of turning it on i was in 101 heaven, the realisation that i could play an arp or chord over the sequence and transpose, lovely.

How are the levels ? distorts a bit on my phone speakers but sounds fine on System.

Third Jam with a few bum notes

while i was initially excited with the TR-06 and its trigger outs have been useful, ultimately i found its sounds a bit lacking for my tastes, i have my own collection of Drum hits, modern tight and crisp and the TR-06 just wasn’t giving me that.
Had my eye on a TR6S Amazon warehouse reduced, for prime day yesterday they offered me another 20% off, couldn’t resist so that’s coming tomorrow with a 32GB SanDisk Extreme, from the load of YouTube vids I’ve watched the thing seems really versatile with longer loop sample import and FM drum synthesis.


Hey Everyone, the TR-06 is the sole boutique in my studio at the moment. I have slowly been learning all its key combos etc and it continues to grow on me. The PDF for the TR-06 (and perhaps other boutiques) is frustratingly small so I have made an enlarged version for reference. Attaching it here in case anyone finds it useful :raised_hands:

TR-06 Enlarged Manual.pdf (4.3 MB)


Last half of a Jam yesterday, i write all the settings down in a little book and have done about 30 tracks but if i don’t record them i don’t usually go back to them.

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Been having fun with a bunch of 165 bpm jammies lately, gettin funky haha. Need to experiment with track writing or choosing patterns via program change if possible, but they’re pretty fun either way!


Funny enough the Digitakt firmware update is after giving a new lease of life to my TR-09, had been out on loan for a while but it’s right back front and centre for sampler plus 909 classic second wave Chicago House inspired sessions.

Been really getting into it, far more than I had previously - I don’t think I’d really dug into its nuances as an instrument before, just used it as a quick and convenient source of drum sounds on the go. I guess like anything a lot of this is going to be down to practice, practice, practice, but just wondering does anyone know of any resources for intermediate to advanced 909 programming? I feel like there might be tricks and licks I might take a while to discover through trial and error that a decent teacher could highlight, kinda surprised that there doesn’t seem to be much out there aside from basic video manual type tutorials. Best I could find was this thread of … gear(space) being gear(space).

Not sure has it been posted in this thread before, but I’ve found the expanded manuals Sunshine Jones from Dubtribe Sound System put together for the Boutiques really helpful, given Roland’s tendency towards minimal documentation.