ROLI Seaboard 5D (App replacing Seaboard NOISE)

Several people were bemoaning the state of the ROLI NOISE app in the Roli Blocks thread, and it looks like they’re trying to course correct. They’ve re-release the original UI in the form of a straight-up publicity tool for the Seaboard Rise in the form of the Seaboard 5D [iTunes link].

“Update To The NOISE App” AKA why Seaboard is its own thing

Thoughts on splitting the two? Utility of Blocks with or without the original app functionality?

they said they’d made a mistake removing the features from noise on the day of its blocks release (on facebook after complaints)

this seems to be a stop gap/quick fix, as they have also said:

which I think implies the two apps will be combined, but that takes a bit more dev effort.

basically it comes down to a few things

  • people bought ‘packs’ for the original app, so they couldn’t just take those away
  • they did quite a bit of marketing showing the RISE ‘on the move’ using the noise app (in a similar way to the way they did with blocks) , so again… you can’t really take that away.

one interesting omission on the new noise app, is the ability to allow any MPE controller to use it.
I think it will be interesting when they add back the Seaboard interface, if they also add this ability back, or keep it a closed app, and only allow blocks and the seaboard to connect.

anyway, credit to Roli for acting pretty quickly on the complaints.

I agree that it’s nice to see the response time, but it’s a bit silly that they didn’t foresee the fallout from the bait-n-switch that was flipping NOISE into what it is now.

I really don’t understand why they didn’t just make a new app for blocks from the outset.

I really don’t understand why they didn’t just make a new app for blocks from the outset.

Lower conversion rate, not as much attention on it, etc. They just cannibalize the NOISE app for the publicity, makes sense from a marketing perspective.

I suppose that makes sense. Feels pretty dirty though.

Are you guys using it as a standalone? I’m gonna download and play around but I can’t imagine it’d be much like an actual roli

I had a Seaboard before but recently sold it. I use the app with my Linnstrument.