Rosenau & Sanborn - Bluebird

a while back I made an album of guitar & electronics improvisation with my friend Chris Rosenau (volcano choir, collections of colonies of bees) under the name Rosenau & Sanborn. it’s called Bluebird and i’m thrilled to announce it’ll be released july 23rd! the first ‘single’ (hahaha) is out now and called ‘Sharon’, as it features a sample of Sharon Van Etten.

we’ll be playing some shows in WI, MN & NC in august/september, please let me know if any of y’all want to come out and say hi. we’re doing a small run of vinyl and preorders are available at our website. I’m really proud of this record, thanks so much for listening.

fri, aug 9 - milwaukee, wi - collectivo
sat, aug 10 - eau claire, wi - oxbeaux iii
sun, aug 11 - minneapolis, mn - icehouse
thu, sep 5 - raleigh, nc - hopscotch music festival
fri, sep 6 - asheville, nc - mothlight

edit: npr’s all songs considered had us on and played another song from the record, ‘Saturday’ - this one leans heavily on JF in plume mode (my fav) sequenced by kria through a morphagene.

update 2: it’s out!


I listened to this the other night - always been a fan of yours. This is great. Looking forward to hopefully catching yall in September.

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See ya in Minneapolis! Preordered & super excited.

well that was lovely and now i am exited for the full release

this is just lovely, Nick.

Another here in Raleigh. Hope we get to see you at Hopscotch!

Sounds great and the description on the website of your approach to (not) editing it is really inviting too!

Beautiful, so atmospheric! I love your guitar sound on this track. Would you mind sharing a little about your guitar/amp/fx setup here?


that’s chris playing guitar - on sharon he was running an aria d-28 copy through an infinite jets for most of it. the guitar was mic’ed with a 121 and the direct+jets signal went through a small low watt amp in an adjacent room, also mic’ed. i had a line from him from a DI before the jets in his chain and sent that to a granulator in ableton that then went through an adjustable hard tremolo from an auto-pan, one of my favorite chains. i’m playing the sample of sharon on a bastl microgranny into a morphagene into 3 sisters, as well as an unaffected wurlitzer.

also: added another song in the first post!


Second song sounds really nice too. I’ve pre-ordered. :slight_smile:

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Album is out today and quite wonderful. The opening track really blew me away honestly, the nature sounds and rain along with the affected guitar is really incredible.


I’m so sorry I can’t make it down to see you. Any chance of a cassette run? :slight_smile:

Oh and it’s spectacular. Just so special. Well done all.

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thanks so much for all the kind words everyone, i’m so glad this is finally out! hope to see some of you out there.

& s/o to plume mode :wind_face:


Just listened while walking the dog! I really like the blend, and man that acoustic sound Chris gets is :boom:

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updated the top post w a bandcamp link in case that is anyone’s vibe :vulcan_salute:


Pre-ordered the vinyl. Beautiful, beautiful sounds.
Big big congrats on the release :slight_smile:


The two of you commenting at the end of tracks is a really nice touch for some added human feel. Particularly the one where you’re saying something to the effect that you need to change the ending - but clearly didn’t. :+1:


Listening to this a lot since the LP arrived. New favorite morning record, I think. :slight_smile: Too many nice moments to call out, but there are a few lovely pitch splitting spots where the electronics slowly become unhinged from themselves that always make me go “hooray!”