Rosenau & Sanborn - Bluebird

a while back I made an album of guitar & electronics improvisation with my friend Chris Rosenau (volcano choir, collections of colonies of bees) under the name Rosenau & Sanborn. it’s called Bluebird and i’m thrilled to announce it’ll be released july 23rd! the first ‘single’ (hahaha) is out now and called ‘Sharon’, as it features a sample of Sharon Van Etten.

we’ll be playing some shows in WI, MN & NC in august/september, please let me know if any of y’all want to come out and say hi. we’re doing a small run of vinyl and preorders are available at our website. I’m really proud of this record, thanks so much for listening.

fri, aug 9 - milwaukee, wi - collectivo
sat, aug 10 - eau claire, wi - oxbeaux iii
sun, aug 11 - minneapolis, mn - icehouse
thu, sep 5 - raleigh, nc - hopscotch music festival
fri, sep 6 - asheville, nc - mothlight


I listened to this the other night - always been a fan of yours. This is great. Looking forward to hopefully catching yall in September.

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See ya in Minneapolis! Preordered & super excited.

well that was lovely and now i am exited for the full release

this is just lovely, Nick.

Another here in Raleigh. Hope we get to see you at Hopscotch!

Sounds great and the description on the website of your approach to (not) editing it is really inviting too!

Beautiful, so atmospheric! I love your guitar sound on this track. Would you mind sharing a little about your guitar/amp/fx setup here?

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