Rossum Electro-Music Assimil8or

I’m using it for drums and percussion, sometimes drones, and usually a bass and melodic part. It’s responsible for about half of the sound generation in my 6u setup.

I sequence it with a nerdseq and find them to be a great combo.

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I used to use 4x Pico Drums for percussion and load them up with my own samples. The Assimil8or was a great way for me to continue this idea but with greater capacity for space and more paramaters to modulate, not to mention the obvious one of sampling your own system on the fly…

I often use it to record jams or other synth noodles if I haven’t turned on my computer which often become sample sources for other stuff.

I have started using it as a utility also, recording in various noise sources and my own LFOs, which is great cos I had to move my modcan quad lfo out to make room for the Assimil8or.

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That album is all euro->mixer->stereo out->Zoom H2, with a little Ozone on the stereo file. It was also all recorded before I got the A8, fwiw. Basically one patch per song.

Lately with the A8/Nerdseq combo I’m keeping the patch more static while relying on sequences and sample presets for bigger structural changes. It’s a little less freeform this way, but it’s been great to recall projects so easily.

At least the envelope follower thingy you can set up in a way:
Channel 1 with Audio-Sample (e.g. Kickdrum)
Channel 2 with CV-Sample (e.g. Envelope)

Now you just Link Channel 1 & 2, mute Channel 2 on the Stereo-Output (assuming you use that)
and patch the individual Output from Channel 2 to a destination of your choice ( e.g. 1a)

I used this technique to create drums from basic waveform or noise. Setting the Pitch and Amplification to be controlled by said envelope, maybe some FM or PM.
Also you can set up the zones on channel 2 to use switch thru different Envelopes, LFO-Shapes or even Audio-Rate things.

Pretty obvious but nonetheless useful.

I’ve had mine a couple weeks now. Lots of fun to be had with samples of the same length placed in zones with continuous mode enabled then crossfading between channels.

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I wanted to bump this thread a bit to ask if some of you are using the Assimil8or for non-percussive sounds? I am mainly interested in treating the channels as OSCs by looping some drones or to record sounds from the rest of the system on the fly to mangle them.

How immediate is the sampling and loading/finding sounds on the SD card?

And bonus question for ER-301 users: Do you favor one module over the other when it comes to just sampler purposes?

I use mine to do this, not primarily as a drum machine.
I record samples within the system and from external sources, such as a Waldorf XT for weird pads/drones. The module is awesome for this because it has great dynamic range and conversion and has a lot of built in relatively low noise gain.

The latest update makes stereo operation easier too.

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Very cool, thank you! Something I use a lot with samples are filters. Often to just cut out some low end. Is it easy to e.g. set up a sound, resample it through an external filter and then replace that sound with the new version?

Yes, it’s easy to bounce stuff, resample, and change sample channel destination.

I’m not sure if there is a bounce and replace option like a DAW, though. I don’t think so, but I never looked for it.

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That’s good news. Thank you!

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Of course. I can’t praise the sound quality enough. In terms of high depth capture and playback, it sounds as good as my Apogee Symphony and notably better than Elektron devices.


Hey, I can’t get my assimil8or to load my samples.

I tried exporting 24 bit PCM signed wav files from audacity to the SD card.

I am on Windows 10 and can’t find any program with specific mention of integer wav format. I found info in my searches equating PCM with Integer format, but that is all.

Has anyone had this problem? Maybe I am missing something simple. My custom folder is visible but upon loading all slots are empty.

I’m excited to get this problem fixed so I can actually try this module.

are your samples in folders (not nested) at the root level of the SD card?

for exporting, if not satisfied with audacity for whatever reason, you could consider reaper.

Just wanted to point up this outstanding video tutorial series from Johno Wells.


I’ve just bought one of these secondhand. Are there any issues to be aware of? Thanks in advance

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Not that I know of and never had any issues, the thing works like a treat and sounds great.

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Can’t wait to get stuck in. Hoping it will be intuitive enough to use without needing a manual often.

This multi-part video tutorial is fantastic. And up to date.


Amazing tutorial, certainly the best I’ve come across for any piece of kit. The dude certainly has a gift for teaching.

And it’s given me a massive headstart, trying to work out how to load samples from other folders outside the project file would have been a massive headache for me. I can see the Assimil8or is much more of a learning curve then I had originally expected.


It is easy to use – button/parameter. Video is video, manual is manual.
Pro tip: if you don’t mind computer, XLN XO is his good friend.