Rossum Electro-Music Assimil8or


This is my first post here, which is fitting because the Assimil8or was my first module.
Now that I‘ve had it for some time and figured out different approaches of using it, I‘m getting more and more curious of how other people use it.

There are definitely some people on Muffs and GS, but I was hoping to find some users here too.

So: Are you out there and if so, how do you use your Assimil8or? Is there interest in conversing about A8 and maybe sharing patches/ideas?


I’m using it for drums and percussion, sometimes drones, and usually a bass and melodic part. It’s responsible for about half of the sound generation in my 6u setup.

I sequence it with a nerdseq and find them to be a great combo.


That sounds familiar! As my setup consists of A8, Just Friends and a Pamela’s New Workout my Assimil8or really does the heavy lifting sonically. I also use it for the rhythmic parts and record into Ableton Live. Sequencing and connecting the Modular to the Computer is a Beatstep Pro.

Right now I’m trying to get deeper into the CV-possibilities, using a sampled Envelope to trigger the JF. Also I almost always have a Sine-Wavetable on infinite loop on Channel 8 to use it for subtle phase modulation.

Listening to “Dirges Event” right now and I’m curious: Do you do much processing ITB? Or is it all just like Stereo-Out into Recording-Device?


I used to use 4x Pico Drums for percussion and load them up with my own samples. The Assimil8or was a great way for me to continue this idea but with greater capacity for space and more paramaters to modulate, not to mention the obvious one of sampling your own system on the fly…

I often use it to record jams or other synth noodles if I haven’t turned on my computer which often become sample sources for other stuff.

I have started using it as a utility also, recording in various noise sources and my own LFOs, which is great cos I had to move my modcan quad lfo out to make room for the Assimil8or.


That album is all euro->mixer->stereo out->Zoom H2, with a little Ozone on the stereo file. It was also all recorded before I got the A8, fwiw. Basically one patch per song.

Lately with the A8/Nerdseq combo I’m keeping the patch more static while relying on sequences and sample presets for bigger structural changes. It’s a little less freeform this way, but it’s been great to recall projects so easily.


At least the envelope follower thingy you can set up in a way:
Channel 1 with Audio-Sample (e.g. Kickdrum)
Channel 2 with CV-Sample (e.g. Envelope)

Now you just Link Channel 1 & 2, mute Channel 2 on the Stereo-Output (assuming you use that)
and patch the individual Output from Channel 2 to a destination of your choice ( e.g. 1a)

I used this technique to create drums from basic waveform or noise. Setting the Pitch and Amplification to be controlled by said envelope, maybe some FM or PM.
Also you can set up the zones on channel 2 to use switch thru different Envelopes, LFO-Shapes or even Audio-Rate things.

Pretty obvious but nonetheless useful.


I’ve had mine a couple weeks now. Lots of fun to be had with samples of the same length placed in zones with continuous mode enabled then crossfading between channels.