Rossum Electro-Music Panharmonium

“a unique music and sound design tool that lets you analyze the spectral content of any audio signal and use that analysis to drive a bank of from 1 to 33 oscillators.”

If it sounds as it sounds (sorry) it’s a dream come true.


Will be very interested to hear it. Wonder if it will do anything not easily achievable with a computer? (aside from euro integration, of course).

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I was amazed by the concept. Obviously unsure of the end result, but I have to say I’m impressed and that’s not easy to do these days. Rossum is a step ahead of the pack it seems!

The problem of these things is that usually they sound a bit thin, but usually Rossum does deliver, so I’m hopeful.

We need to do resynthesis on Norns!


I also really got exited when I saw that and then remembered that I actually am quite fine with the Spectral Madness mode in Clouds… I really want to hear it but yeah, something like that in Norns would probably be great as well…

Got to hand it to them for trying new things. No doubt it will be well engineered, and hopefully unique sounding. As someone always looking for new ways to turn field recordings into harmonic drones - awaiting more…

This is an interesting line:

The Spectra memories let you store up to 12 frozen slices. When selected, a spectrum (up to 33 oscillators wide!) replaces any live input and can have its pitch controlled by the 1V/Oct input and FM controls.

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Whether it will sound nice on an orchestra recording is all I can think about!


20 characters of I second that!

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Three quick low-value thoughts:

  1. I applaud their ability to come up with really evocative names for their products.
  2. I know it is unfair to speculate over unreleased products, but I would dearly love to know what Émilie would have to say about this, her work on Cloudsv2 could be advised by this module one way or another perhaps.
  3. Put this in a 4ms 26hp Pod and you’ve got a monster pedal.
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There’s a thread about it on the Mutable forum where she’s commented. This isn’t a granular module though, it’s a frequency domain sort of thing.


Maybe if someone is going to Synthplex they can report back??

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Now I’ll be stuck obsessing on all the ways I could patch stereo feedback between this, QPAS and Morphagene…


Exactly my thoughts when I saw the video earlier today


It is hard to record stuff OK in those fair situations but what is going on here? Quite some extra clipping apart from the tincan mic sound. Makes it hard to judge.

Yea, that audio could be better.

Me too, it’s a pretty rad sounding, excited to see more demos.

Also, it took a while but I remembered the audio clip they’re using to demo.

The comment about the audio wasn’t meant as criticism towards you. I totally appreciate that you posted that link as it gives me a good idea what the module can do. However, I listend to it on headphones and the mic sound really was harsh, that is all.

Wow, I’ve just seen the video and this thing looks as amazing as I had imagined. The price is right, also. I want it.

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Wait, what is the price?

  1. Isn’t it too low? :slight_smile: