Aha, didn’t see that. Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

a bit of off topic, but is there a mod that transforms grid into a simple two octave midi keyboard for any engine in norns (that doesn’t have grid control coded in the script)?


I had a similar experience. Didn’t have feedback up that high but got similar sounds and eventually the script went silent.

To use grid as a keyboard try this mod:https://norns.community/en/authors/eigen/gridkeys


thanks again @andrew. I’m always inspired to explore the paths you lead me onto, and the video gives me so many ideas to get started.

think i’m starting to wrap my head around this huge concept. looking forward to test it out !


yep, just a quirk of multiple softcut voices passing over the same buffer section multiple times ! I hinted at the possibility it in the docs:

IMPORTANT: be careful with high values on multiple feedback paths - if all three feedback values add up to be greater than 1.0, volume will quickly grow out of control.

with a past app (anachronism) I’ve gotten some very analog fm-adjacent tones from this technique by building up the DC offset just short of clipping. have never been able to reproduce it again


Ah thanks. Yeah the shared buffer thing has been a staple of my music from way back when up to present day and across every device I can (laptop, octatrack, er-301, MPC 1000, Norns).

Thanks for making this.


This is so exciting! Looking forward to trying this out as I’ve been desiring a non-modular way of doing what Magneto does :star2:


After alot of restarts and fiddling i got gridkeys → nbout → emplaitress → rpls working. Really, really nice that you can now use pretty much every script with almost any kind of input device.


wohooo !

really really curious how you get along with it / how it differs/sames compared to magneto. did my best lightbath + magneto impression for patch note #1 & it was a blast ~ thx again for your inspirations. looking fwd to diving deeper : )

wow so cool ! I’ve been honing in on my own grid keyboard code recently, definitely gonna have to contribute something to the nb-verse for easy rpling :globe_with_meridians:


Been playing around with this for the past couple of evenings and I just wanted to say that it’s an absolutely phenomenal script.
Just (in my opinion) perfectly laid out, visualised and explained.
You’re a legend of the game @andrew
Much love


having an absolute blast with this one, thank you SO much.

sorry if obvious question but is there a quick way to clear all the buffers?

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hold k3 for 0.5 seconds : )

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ah of course i see it now lol.

thank you! this was me before you replied:


Getting “error: load fail”

Any ideas? @andrew ?

Restart after install?

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Tried that, and no joy, so deleted it from maiden, reinstalled and all good now. Cheers Hans!


some nice rpls from last night


Can you describe your setup further? What are your device settings/midi grid settings etc to get this working? I can trigger single emplaitress notes from the nb parameters menu with rpls running but can’t seem to get midigrid to pass the midi info on to emplaitress.

Thank you for building this! I was just thinking of attempting something similar when I did a quick search to find rpls. I’m so glad I did because this app is amazing! Exactly what I was looking for!

It would be neat to have some sort of ability to monetarily multiply/divide each rate by 1 or 2. Perhaps this could be a done via a key combo K1+K2 and K1+K3? Or maybe a grid button press? Or a gate from crow? I’m still pretty new in my norns development journey but would be happy to help work on this if I can.

One thing I have noticed: I’m not sure if this is a bug or if I’m misunderstanding something, but if I stop sending audio into rpls for a minute or two, when I start doing so again I don’t hear the repeats. Reloading the app solves the issue, but I thought I’d mention it here in case any one else is experiencing this.

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When I had that problem it was because my feedback was > 1 and it choked my audio with dc offset.