RPM challenge

Anyone taking part in the RPM next month?

I am determined to get one completed!


This looks interesting. Never heard of it before.

I have never competed one. But at least you can end up with some sketches for later if you don’t make it.

Y’kno, I think I’ll actually do this this year. Been in a bit of an artistic rut lately and this could perhaps help get over that.

That’s my thoughts. Force me to get off my ass and do something!

Seems like a good opportunity to explore new/forgotten techniques and instruments as well.

I’m either thinking I’ll stick to exclusively op-1 + tape experiments or try to do the whole thing through novel usage of the analog rytm (which is my most recent piece of gear, seems like a great way to come to terms with all it’s capable of).

Been dying to get some with sq8l and synth1 so might just use those 2 for this.

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Limiting gear seems like a great way to do the challenge. Think I’m just going to use my small modular and the B3 settings on my Nord Electro. Maybe a pedal or 10.

edit: added Korg Volca Beats because this is an excuse to buy one.

good idea. Love tiny modulars :slight_smile:

thanks for posting! - signed up. it does sound like a good way to test a new set up that’s been in planning for a few months now and finally getting last bits in place, a modular system, a machinedrum and an octatrack.

What name have you signed up with? I’m down as steveoath if anyone is adding connections to their profile. It will mostly be written on a teenage engineering pocket operator (arcade).

signed up as brahminykite.
time to learn how to be productive on the modular plus monome.

registered as bookmil

volca beats comes tomorrow!

bump. two weeks to go! how’s everyone coming along?

I got into a fight with my qu-bit eon and spent a lot of time trying to make enveloped noise work. I have very rough sketches for three tracks and have 0 self control and expanded the allowable gear. It stops here though.

  1. B3 Organ on my Nord Electro 5D
  2. This small modular
  3. Arc 2
  4. Korg SQ-1
  5. Korg Volca Beats
  6. Squier Baritone Jazzmaster
  7. Pedals
  • EQD Hoof/Reaper
  • Boss DD-3
  • Chase Bliss Gravitas
  • EHX Freeze
  • DOD 201 Phasor
  • TC Ditto

Have three tracks down on the pocket operator arcade, but gearlust brought me the po robot. Should be good for the deadline.

managed to finish it staying late last night [posted it in Latest tracks + videos]

really glad i decided to participate. those recordings would happen anyway, but it’s nice to be forced to try and finish them a bit - forced is not really a proper word here, i forgot how much fun it is to try different tracks together, see what works / what doesn’t, make it into something new.

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Had a shitty month so didn’t complete mine. Have three done and will try to see it through.

hmmm I hope the spirit of the challenge matters more than when you do it!? Gotta force myself at some point (probably not for another couple months) to stop tinkering with aleph code & work with it as an instrument in whatever state it’s in. When that time comes I’m gonna resurrect this thread & take the challenge…

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I didn’t finish, it did get me to finally record some things. I find I like making fun sounds with all my objects, but when it gets time to hit record I usually just go get a snack. So it was helpful. Got two tracks done and will finish the rest this month. (hopefully). Here are the two, it’s part of a larger concept.


In case you don’t have enough to do in February, https://www.rpmchallenge.com/ is a good time - challenge yourself to do a full album in a month. My previous attempts didn’t produce an album, but I did get a few good songs :slight_smile: