norns as sampler buddy


This script is a little util that allows to record a sound an play it back at various RPM ratios.

The main use is to replay the sample sped up into a hardware sampler to save memory and add some punch to samples (demonstration of the effect).

It comes with its own fork of the timber engine with some tweaks, so a sleep is necessary.




-- K1 held is SHIFT
-- Anywhere:
--  E1: switch page
-- Main screen:
--  E2: record speed
--  E3: playback speed
--  SHIFT + E1: sampler model
--  K2: record start/stop
--  K3: playback start/stop
-- HW Sampler Instructions:
--  E2: record speed
--  E3: playback speed
-- Dirtying:
--  SHIFT + E1: preset
--  E2: sample rate
--  SHIFT + E2: sample rate (x 1k)
--  E3: bit depth

Next Features

  • 3 band EQ
  • tuning / timestretching
  • load a sample from disk
  • stereo to mono summing, phase invert toggle
  • instructions for other hardware samplers (SP1200, SP-202…)
  • support for intermediate RPM values
  • IPS units (for tape input source)
  • animations

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No release for now, not yet on maiden.


This is very interesting. I have Norns on the Cue outs of my Octatrack. I’d be interested in this as a tool to aid resampling back into the Octatrack with additional flavour/character (or as a utility to clean up samples/solve spectral content issues). So features like EQing, phase, and anything at all dynamics-related would be useful.


I know its not your priority but a simple slice and save option with clever/fast naming would be great!
Cool stuff btw !

I thought about it, even though it’s not the primary purpose of the script (where a hardware sampler would do this duty).

In the meantime, although minimalist, sam might suit your needs.