Ruaridh Law & Apkallu of Enmerkar - The Blob [physical object / digital]

Hello all,
I have a new album out today; 10 hours (!!) of longform drones in collaboration with English artist Apkallu of Enmerkar.

It’s out on a very limited “blob” object to plug into headphones or aux cable, or unlimited digital - all digi sales go direct to Turn2Us , a UK based charity that helps people with the cost of living crisis.

You can grab it from here: Apkallu of Enmerkar & Ruaridh Law - The Blob | Apkallu of Enmerkar & Ruaridh Law / TVO | phatic musk

Obligatory Lines content; my contributions were almost entirely made on my Norns Shield, using patches like Glaciers, Sines, UHF, Benjolis and more

Only a small number of the blobs left! (sadly the mushrooms are not included)


Say hi to Graham for me (my best mate since we were little kids). :slight_smile:


Ah i thought there was a connection there somewhere, now i know!

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