'rules' for building a eurorack system

Resurrecting this old thread, found it very interesting.

I’m struggling with this a bit at the moment as I embark on expanding my system a bit. I haven’t taken that much of a deliberate approach to designing my system, it’s been much more about getting things that seem interesting/inspiring. And to some of the earlier comments, it definitely feels like a kitchen-sink situation at the moment.

However, when I get the urge to consolidate and focus, there’s nothing I really want to get rid of. Do I use all this stuff in every patch/song? No. But I do find it fun and inspiring to have all the alternatives and options ready at hand so that the next patch/song can do different things.

Including utilities, (too many) sequencers, and in-case mixer I’m getting close to 24u/104hp in two suitcase style cases. It still feels quite portable, but each case is not stand alone. One is all generator and modulation, the other is all sequencing and control. I’ve been fairly happy with this, but I do like the idea, conceptually anyway, of self sufficient cases… or even self sufficient half-cases (6u/104).

Maybe alternating rows of “voices” with rows of controllers? That could be interesting.

Although, to be honest, I don’t really know what problem I’m trying to solve right now anyway :slight_smile:

There are only two rules.

1: muffwiggler.
2: get both.

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With that size system, are you also using other gear?

What keeps driving me to the large-ish size system is that I don’t use any external effects, synths, or mixers. I have some sound inputs (contact mics, etc), but everything else is in the eurorack.

I split my eurorack into two setups It just got to be repetitive so i separated what i had into 2 systems a 6U and a 12U and the 12U hosts more complex monome controllers and formant synthesis the 6U syncs to an ableton setup.

but for rules do you mean

4 Envelopes
CV Modulation

I want at least one of those per module for a real eurorack which i guess means i want a system that can do computer-ish complex audio w/o definitely needing a computer as well as replacing traditional mono/poly synths but it’s coming down more and more to where and what is giving me midi clock and what controller i want to use ON it at the time.

Currently using the shbobo is interesting for voltages to IFM modules [ 4 squishy values]
the organelle [new arrival] which looks like it’s a legit pd box :slight_smile:

Also i am using the FH-1/X and clocking it from an 0-coast that is synced to my main clock

So i guess a rule i have come up with is have a clear way to control the synth in mind as you build one and it will help quite a bit.

I’m really interested in (and designing for) tiny systems at the moment; <60hp, because I’ve enjoyed the way it forces me to think about modules and think about non-obvious ways to use them; filters as oscillators, mixers and beatmakers, sequencers as wavetables, knobs as manual sequencers and LFOs. Also sitting on sofa with modular on lap.


I think I broke every one of these rules except the one about menu diving :laughing:

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