Running monome apps on a Livid Ohmrgb?

I’m going to be looking for a 128 again soon and was wondering if in the meantime I could run any monome apps on my Livid OhmRGB?

many years back, there used to be a monome bridge app by livid which can do monome apps on the old ohm64/block. But that was during the monomeserial era iirc, which predated serialosc apps.

Anyway, with the updates on max over the years and lotsa changes with the hardware/software enviroment, i think it will really save lotsa time by going straight for the vari brightness 128.

Back then even with the monomebridge, i remembered some apps wasnt running smoothly on the ohm64 i used to have, compare to an actual monome grid.

I don’t use it… but Sigabort’s gridlock says its support Ohmrgb, and includes a monome emulator. might be worth investigating.

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