Running multiple apps on grid?

Hey all, had some success with quadrants and small batch before to run multiple apps on my 256. Unfortunately it has never proven stable, so wondered if anyone had any insight on a stable config?

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Same question here … would be great to have a stable splitter/spanner that supports varibright patches.


Pages is great for this.

Pages wasn’t always stable for me but will have a tinker again with Max 7.

@jessemiller afaik pages does not support varibright and you need zeroconf and an older version of serialosc to run external apps in pages. a stable version of quadrants 2 with varibright support and working with the latest serialosc would be a great tool to have!

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Definately would yes! Don’t have a varibright so will see what happens when i have time to fiddle around

Smallbatch would seem to do this, but I’m honestly a bit confused as to how to make it work with apps that aren’t included in monome_sum.

Edit: so, for example, I’ll load up monome_sum, then click “auto load” on the second to last scene, then open the meadowphysics two patch, which opens Max and loads meadowphysics there. But at that point it seems I can either have meadowphysics or smallbatch connected to the monome, and when smallbatch is connected, meadowphysics doesn’t work.

@tehn, @Galapagoose, any suggestions?

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@jasonw22 smallbatch doesn’t do splitting but yeah, you can run multiple patches at the same time (and varibright is supported). downside is that it also uses an older version of serialosc. I’m really happy with the current serialosc (the one that comes with Max 7) so I’m a bit reluctant to ‘downgrade’ (my) patches.

Think you need to take smallbatch from the sourcefiles on github instead of the one that comes with sum.

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Where’s the github page? This is the only non-monome_sum version of smallbatch I can find:

sum is here

Hmm, so you’re saying it needs to be torn apart. That’s unfortunate.

At least you guys have answered a question for me. That’s why small batch doesnt work for me, because of the serialosc version. I’m not too good with keeping up with which version works with what. As far as pulling stuff apart I’m not good with Max

FWIW, monome_sum works fine for me with serialosc v1.4 (even though it installs v1.2, I just installed v1.4 afterwards). I don’t see why smallbatch would require an older version of serialosc.

I might try tearing smallbatch out of monome_sum later today (unless someone can tell me the version is a better starting point). But first I plan to get outside and do some hiking.

Running multiple apps is good, but being able to split as well is good. The answer obviously lies in the version of serialosc. I use Max 7 or 6/5 if using mlrv as it seems most stable in that. The standalone mlrv seems to crash. I used to run mlrv and polygome using small batch or quadrants. It is clear that serialosc 1.4 is the issue. I dip in and out of monome use and each time I seem to get a stable connection with everything then stuff changes, and I encounter these issues again. Sorry, stream of consciousness there :smiley:

@jasonw22 you could use the archive version but I’m sure it doesn’t support varibright grids. If you’d really want that I have the and the router.js from the sum version.

Yeah, would want varibright support. I see those files in github. Thanks!

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You know, I don’t think there’s any reason to separate smallbatch from monome_sum. What I’m gathering is that apps need to be a bit customized to work with smallbatch/monome_sum. mainly, each app needs to delegate monome connection to smallbatch. Is this correct?

@jasonw22 yeah, i think smallbatch creates udp connections for communication with (to and from) the serialoscs in the ‘slave’ patches. so both smallbatch and any slave app should have a version of serialosc that allows for this communication. i guess customizing the app would come down to putting in the proper version of serialosc …

It’d be nice to hear from the folks that wrote it…

Resurrecting this thread - what are people using to run multiple apps on their grids?

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