Running multiple apps on grid?

FWIW, monome_sum works fine for me with serialosc v1.4 (even though it installs v1.2, I just installed v1.4 afterwards). I don’t see why smallbatch would require an older version of serialosc.

I might try tearing smallbatch out of monome_sum later today (unless someone can tell me the version is a better starting point). But first I plan to get outside and do some hiking.

Running multiple apps is good, but being able to split as well is good. The answer obviously lies in the version of serialosc. I use Max 7 or 6/5 if using mlrv as it seems most stable in that. The standalone mlrv seems to crash. I used to run mlrv and polygome using small batch or quadrants. It is clear that serialosc 1.4 is the issue. I dip in and out of monome use and each time I seem to get a stable connection with everything then stuff changes, and I encounter these issues again. Sorry, stream of consciousness there :smiley:

@jasonw22 you could use the archive version but I’m sure it doesn’t support varibright grids. If you’d really want that I have the and the router.js from the sum version.

Yeah, would want varibright support. I see those files in github. Thanks!

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You know, I don’t think there’s any reason to separate smallbatch from monome_sum. What I’m gathering is that apps need to be a bit customized to work with smallbatch/monome_sum. mainly, each app needs to delegate monome connection to smallbatch. Is this correct?

@jasonw22 yeah, i think smallbatch creates udp connections for communication with (to and from) the serialoscs in the ‘slave’ patches. so both smallbatch and any slave app should have a version of serialosc that allows for this communication. i guess customizing the app would come down to putting in the proper version of serialosc …

It’d be nice to hear from the folks that wrote it…

Resurrecting this thread - what are people using to run multiple apps on their grids?

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Good call @declutter…tried quadrants and also pages but have had issues with both of them. Quadrants is solid for me with mlr and polygome, but any ther apps I just have issues. Keen to see if anyone has a rock solid way of working?

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i’ve been using quadrants 2 but need to open all the apps in just the right order for it all to line up with led feedback and such. takes quite a few tries to get it rolling but then is super stable so far…

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A general switch app would be fantastic - I’ve tried Pages and found it a bit of a tangle. I do really like the gesture for it though - press the bottom right button and the Pages you have that are open appear as lit buttons in order from the bottom left - select, release and you are in that app.

I’m not that fussed about getting to stuff outside of Max, just to be able to shift focus between several grid hungry patches without needing to re-do each of them.


Hey all,

Anyone have any clues on this?
Have tried most things and either couldn’t get it to work or i think it just didn’t work.

The smallbatch in elquintos suite handles this. To make it work with other patch requires redirecting the location of the serialosc file in the patch inspector. I just redirected to the location of the serialosc file used by one the elquinto patches.

EDIT: I see the smallbatch that I is no longer available. If you would like to try it out PM me.

Is there an updated version of smallbatch floating around anywhere, can’t seem to get the autoload option working.

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Bumping this thread… this seems like the most imminent issue for me trying to use different apps together. It looks as the majority of people have moved onto modular, but I’d like to see the software side of things more complete, too. Still digging…

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using different apps together shouldn’t be a problem:

app switching should work completely fine— it’s just a matter of the UI in each application having a quick-focus (something better than selecting the dropdown).

however, multiple apps at the same time side-by-side is not a trivial undertaking. the individual apps you’re running need to scale properly to work in the smaller space.

what is it you’re trying to do? (which apps)


Thanks for the reply!

I was referring more to the ‘switching’, rather than the side-by-side aproach.
What I’m mainly looking into now is using some of the sequencer apps (meadowphysics, gome…) to trigger synth as well as samplers, along with modulation controls (beams) and granular playback (grainfields) and seamlessly switch back and forth between them with separate audio outputs.

I can make each of these apps do what I want either on ableton as m4l devices or on Max, but haven’t found a way to load them all and switch back and forth freely.

With M4L, the problem is that grainfields doesn’t have autofocus (and has minor issues for me like preset saving and input sampling), and I can’t find a m4l version of beams or something similar.

Outside of Ableton, sum works great, but I can’t map the parameters that beams control, can’t seem to load apps like meadowphysics and grainfields, and has no midi out (say, to ableton) for each sequencer to trigger something other than the FM synth that comes with it. (I’m guessing because it’s not really using midi anyway)

Thanks again!

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I digged into existing m4l patches and was able to add autofocus to grainfields. (Leds arent refreshing properly but it’ll try to figure it out tomorrow)

I’m looking at grid studies and max tutorials now, hoping to port beams to m4l. Would this be difficult to do? Should I try to build it around the javascript or the max patch included in sum, or build it from scratch?

Thanks again,

Update2: I managed to make a m4l patch of beams. It’s flakey but seems to be working so far.
(I guess the key is to know how to write on Max, at least a little bit.)

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Hey Eric_You,

I’m really interested in the work you’re doing to get this to work as you described to Tehn above. Honestly I don’t think i’m in a position to help but am definitely following here to see where you end up. If you are into sharing some of the resulting patches, I’d love to be able to use them!! Thanks!

Hi! I’ve shared the grainfields patch with autofocus on the grainfields thread.
And I ported beams to m4l with osc mapping here: Beams m4l port

They are not perfect, though. But they seem to be working more or less.

Hey Eric–Thanks!! Will snag them now and try them out. Feel free to share anything else you’ve got. Thanks for all this work!!!