Rural Scene-Mid Wales

Hi All

My stubborn enquiry into doing things in rural obscurity continue! This is a heads-up advert for an event this March, be great to see anyone from here there!

The Shining Pyramid: 2020-03-25T09:30:00Z

1 day and night of Experimental music, film, talks inspired by alchemy, folklore and magic of Wales

Y Drwm, National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth

Embla Quickbeam, Rotten Bliss, itdreamedtome, and many more

Are you given to stronge and strange delusions?

Put this in your diary! Fascinated with electronic and experimental arcana, the deep myths of Y Pedair Cainc y Mabinogi, the Silurist and his twin brother, Arthur Machen & John Cowper Powys. Listen to the Voice of Fire offers you a chance to listen to cutting edge experimentalists, -many of these folks are seldom found performing in the outback of rural Wales so come and join, find like minds, mingle and soak up a day inspired by hermetic writers such as Arthur Machen, the Vaughan twins and John Cowper Powys.

Advance tickets only £20


Aberystwyth is the big city compared to where I lived in the Tywi Valley…!

Joking aside, the event sounds great and I hope it goes well.

@DoS Haha! Very true…I don’t live in Aberystwyth though, off towards Tregaron actually…I often wonder if I should give up on Aberystwyth, I always think it should yield high interest (it does not-not yet at least)…

Ah, just had a quick look at your page, I’ll explore again after March, looks interesting too

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Ever thought of up North around Bangor? Plenty of party and Techno heads up there.

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And avant-garde enthusiasts too.

Hey @pMod sure! I try and get up there when I can, it’s an 1.5 hours from here though, Oscilloscope is onn tonight nr. Bangor, which got me started on my version down here, the electoacoustic music at Bangor (uni) is great


hey @DoS, absolutely-----and Anglesey too,

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I know some good people round that way who make all manner of art, music and poetry of an interesting variety.

Love your part of the world and love John Cowper Powys also - I have been reading pretty much nothing else apart from his novels for the past few years (I am a slow reader!) and am currently I am half way through A Glastonbury Romance. Unfortunately I live too far away to make it this time, but the event sounds great!