Ryk M185 Sequencer

I completely missed the release of this module! I am super curious to know if anyone here had the oppertunity to grab one? For those who don’t know, this is a multi-step sequencer, which served as the inspiration for the Intellijel Metropolis. I have been following this project, for YEARS over on electro-music, very excited to see it finally become a concrete object (that’s not 5u thing lol)

Here are the specs:

  • 2 channels of separate CV and gate outputs
  • 2.5V / 5V Quantised or 5V non-quantised for CH1
  • 2.5V / 5V Quantised for CH2
  • Selectable scale quantisation for CH1
  • 8 stages, with 1-8 step repeats per stage
  • 8 gate modes per stage [ prev versions had only 4 ] :
    [ off, once, all, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, probability or programmable, long ]
  • AB serial split sequence mode with 1-8 sequence repeats per section
  • AB parallel split mode, for two separate simultaneous sequences, great for poly-rhythms !
  • 4 seq modes, Forward, Pingpong, Random, Fixed length
  • MIDI note output including programmable velocity
  • MIDI clock out, MIDI clock in
  • Clock double for Korg Volca and Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators
  • Programmable glide per stage [ CH1 only ]
  • Easy user upgradable software using MIDI sysex files.


Planning on building one, but it aint cheap and its trough hole :frowning:
It looks great :slight_smile:

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Here’s a website with more info if anyone wants to take a look. I think the panel design looks fantastic! https://rykmodular.bigcartel.com/product/m185-sequencer-kit-eurorack


This looks great! Hopefully they restock soon because this is just the type of sequencer I’ve been wanting to add to my system.

And a few hours ago i was having doubts…im in for 2 kits!
Lockdown is bad for gas !

Go for it! :slight_smile:

Also just put in my order for a kit, let‘s see how my soldering skills hold up. It seems fairly straight forward, so here‘s hoping.

I’m about to order one. I was a big fan since the Roland module came out, then Metropolis happened, jumped on that, then SHMk2 happened, swapped the Metropolis out, then Metropolix happened but I’m going for the original this time. It looks too good and it’s been a long time coming.

There’s m18s for norms. I’m not familiar with it, but it’s inspired by this thing.

I’m receiving mine tomorrow. I recently found out that this is one the few modules that has a simple feature which I’ve found is missing from newer sequencer designs. The option to have a dedicated pulse output for Step 1. So important for sequencers like these, where the sequence isn’t confined to 8 boxed steps.

I’m having a hard time concentrating at work, just keep day dreaming about finally getting this!

Any other owners around?


So I’m quite interested in picking up one of these. How are folks finding them? how does the second voice feature work?

edit: nevermind. Got a second hand metropolis :slight_smile: