sacred cyborg harmony

I really love the idea of us all singing to/with our norns right now, because of this.

Great work


yes that’s one option i was thinking of. maybe there’s also an option so when you sing quietly both lead and choir are loud and another so when you sing loudly, the lead and choir soften.


Been wanting something like this since day 1 of Norns, but never had the SC chops to pull it off! Thank you so much for this.


so so excited for this, thank you both so much, so useful. absolutely loved the demo, should be a single…


gonna have to try and cover O Superman with this


So seeing the quantized note jump as much as this does made me think there might be a bug in the hysteresis code in the quantizer, and sure enough there it was. Anyway if you update the script it should be more stable now, and the level of hysteresis is now a parameter.

More hysteresis will be more resilient to randomly switching notes if your voice wanders in pitch, at the cost of possibly not hitting the next note you intend if you didn’t move your pitch enough.


Wow this seems amazing! This is perfect for something I’ve been working on with a friend. Can’t wait to try it out!


Hehe so nice! How can you not click on the post titled “sacred cyborg harmony” :robot:


just absolutely astounding @sixolet and @nonverbalpoetry. you both are such beacons of musical ingenuity - all your tools are inspiring and this is no exception.

for awhile now I’ve been playing around with simple accompaniments to my voice. the sacred cyborg harmony instantly turned my practice into pure magic. normally I wouldn’t share (not yet comfortable with my singing) but here we go…

(a cover of a popular song, but changing the lyrics to be less gendered, changing the chords to be more my style, and changing the melody to something that fits my chords better. its probably far enough away that I won’t get any dmca takedowns lol).

I did make a little change to sacred cyborg harmony that makes it easier to use one of the stereo channels for accompaniment and one of the stereo channels for the voice, if so chosen - that’s how the op-1 is able to passthrough without being modulated by the voice machine in that video.


Would you mind sharing the routing on this a little more? I immediately thought of OP1 for this script. Is it straight usb midi from OP1 to Norns? Thanks for sharing. This script is :fire:

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YEEEESSS, I love formant effects/vocoders just on a base level but I saw Jacob Collier live the other day and he completely blew my mind with his souped up reharmonizer (the man is a genuine wizard).This script may not be so in-depth as his setup, but forget that, it has got me oooing and aaahhhing like a mad man! Thank you so much :grin:


Love the UI! Great job.


i just spent 20 minutes singing random bullshit with my husband. this is so so so so good! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :cowboy_hat_face:


Oh wow that’s a nice little holder for the microphone amp board! Super cool.

I failed to add that this script is absolutely amazing. I am constantly in a state of utter wonder at the amount of talent this community not only contains but also fosters and nurtures.


woo, that took me a while to set up. but I can successfully say I started to sing a really weird version of “Sally Where’d You Get Your Liquor From” last night and it quite enjoyable.

Has anyone gotten this working with grid as midi input?

I was hoping to do this same modification! please do post it if you feel like it.

also, nice work on that clip, very pretty <3

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here’s the forked version I used in the video above: GitHub - schollz/sacred_cyborg_harmony
but note - my implementation is kinda weird (the parameters has a two-input mixer where you can specifiy the amount of each channel going into the voice, and then options to pan/amp the passthrough channel). @sixolet has a much better implementation planned :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile: I put a link to it in the mic pre thread.

yeah - I have a dual mono → stereo cable. one side of the mono is plugged into the output of the op-1. the other side of the mono cable is plugged into the mic preamp. those two channels enter the norns as the stereo input. monitor is turned all the way down, and then the script engine does the rest of the routing (op-1 channel is sent as passthrough to output, and mic channel is sent to the voice machine which sends its audio to output after processing). the op-1 is also plugged into the norns via usb so that it can send the midi notes to the voice machine.


Yes, for me it worked with the gridkeys mod turned on, midi 1 set to “virtual” (to recognize the gridkeys internal midi, and then being sure that the very last setting at the bottom of the params page is set to “virtual” as well.


noodling around with a saxophone, with op-1 playing sequenced notes from a simple progression (somewhat randomly) gets me instant bon iver vibes.

(unfortunately there is some clipping in that clip because the sax is loud and i needed to insulate/keep the mic further away than I did…)


Thank you! I figured out the problem, I wasn’t loading the mod properly.

I was like surely the plus sign means it’s loaded. Not realizing that it meant it’ll be loaded at restart. Once I got that going it started working fine for me. Then just had to remember some isomorphic chord shapes…

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