a simple sample recorder/slicer.

record a sound. set start, and end points. save to tape.


norns 2.0


key1 = alt
key2 = start/stop record (starting a new recording clears the buffer)
key3 = start/stop playback
enc2 = adjust start point
enc3 = adjust end point

alt + key3 = save selection to /home/we/dust/audio/tape
alt + enc2/3 = coarse adjust start/end points


v.1 - sam - 7.19.19


niiiiiiiice. been dumping modular elements to mess with in MLR for live and camping etc, and was wanting a way to make better loops. stoked!


I am going to add sample loading as well, I just haven’t quite figured it out yet. soon. :grin:


nice! seems there’s demand for some more features in the TAPE menu screen :wink:


This really makes Norns play well by itself being able to tailor samples for scripts that loop samples. Ive been waiting for something along these lllllllines. Thank you!

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That would be very awesome :sweat_smile:

I wonder if there would be an easy way to snap to zero crossing like on the 301?


I just pushed a quick change/update. Adds file loading via the param menu.


great! I wanted to do something like this but couldn’t find the time to figure it out. thanks for doing this.

would probably have to be added at a lower level (in softcut module)

noting that it might be hard to discern in softcut with the crossfading

also @Justmat a suggestion if i may: might be good to export with post-roll, accomodating the fade-out time introduced by softcut’s looping algorithm. (write the interval [loop_start, loop_end + fade_time] and maybe an extra couple ms)


Thanks for the suggestion! Advice is always welcome :slight_smile:

Just pushed this change, as well as a small bug fix.

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This is awesome. I’m new to Norns, but was already gearing myself up to do a bunch of recording and sampling in Ableton to then put onto Norns…until now!

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Im not sure if it was a bug but last night when using this to attempt to record some samples I was having an issue with the script not allowing me to record over 2 seconds. It would keep looping the 2 seconds

This is definitely a bug, when did you install? It should be fixed in the current version.

edit: looks like I neglected to update the thread when I fixed the bug. apologies!

edit the second: @Prnts, please let me know if the problem persists :slight_smile:

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