Sample Drum by Erica Synths

hey this looks quite nice. lots of sample editing tools, clear cv mapping, slicing, fx (!)

i like the way the pitching sounds. raw!

cool joystick controlled windowing/granular stuff at the 5:24 + 6:48 marks (love me some amen breakz - but i think this will sound very pretty with melodic samples)

looking forward to seeing how the sampling works. i guess it’s thru the cv inputs?


Just preordered…

Yeah looks pretty nice! I wish they would demo it with some less aggressive sounds though…


every module ever. :laughing:


Same thoughts here, this looks like it would work quite well for ambient material ( kind of like a little digitakt sampling engine in a module). If the sampling-in works smoothly I think this is easily going to the top of the list.

(also looks like there might be some auto slicing?)

yeah it reminds me of the digitakt! Feed it some sampled tape loops and you are off to the (ambient) races.

I’m even looking at this one. As a product, it seems to sit in a new “middle” position between a few much larger, much more expensive, and fantastically complex modules (Assimil8r, ER-301, Bitbox), and on the other side, various really rudimentary sample player modules (e.g., Tiptop One). The inclusion of effects means there are some additional, built-in ways to “animate” the samples with CV.


Got mine last Friday, and finally had some time to play with it yesterday and today. It definitely felt a little confusing and menu dive-y at the start, but now I am getting the hang of it, and starting to really like it. Overall, I am impressed. It has a bunch of features I’ve been wanting (mostly an easy, immediate way to splice samples and move a play head around, more similar to how I would in Ableton). Selecting and recording samples is super easy. Personally, I prefer it to the Morphagene in some ways (which I am selling, but mostly to make way for a Magneto) and the Nebulae v2 (which I already sold). The built-in effects are impressive, the CV controls are solid, and there is a perform mode which will be handy once I have things set up.

One other nit, this thing (not surprisingly) seems to be a power hog. It rebooted my make noise skiff a few times yesterday, but I unplugged a few other power hungry digital modules today and had no issues. Might also be a bug with the current firmware. This thing definitely feels like a little computer.

The manual is helpful:


I pretty much use my bitbox for slicing loops now and am considering maybe selling and getting this. I love Erica Synths stuff but also love some of bitboxes other feature, albeit I do not use them as often as slicing…