Sampler Code Ideas

Hey guys.
I`m looking for ideas to implement to my little project. I found this sampler beatsqueezer v1.0 ( this is version 2. not open source. . It seemed like a easy build (and more fun than microgranny) so I fabricated 5 boards. I didn’t make this to hookup to keyboard or smth so i decided to add some buttons, encoders and a battery charge circuit. I added an arduino uno as a sequencer and to read/write trellis buttons and encoders. Arduino sends notes via classic midi (i do not have access to the code neither would i be capable of modifying it). The encoders do not send CC messages just change notes in an array so it plays 4 samples with 8 steps (each row is a note)
But its pretty boring. I was wondering what new software to write for it. I usually make ambient-dark-noise stuff. Hit me with some ideas :)))
Sorry for the ugly case. Its a mess I know :smiley:

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hey, just saw this post and wanted to follow up to see if you’ve made any progress on this little dude?