Sampler Design

Hello folks,

I’m a long max user and I just decided to get a monome(also recently discovered lines, it rocks!) to integrate with my thesis, a sampler. I’d like to hear your thoughts on it, as in what would you want/do to make it somewhat exclusive sampler. I’m capable of writing externals to max and my plan was to design a filter, maybe an adaptive filter.

But now with a monome, i believe that I can extend it beyond a filter design. Does anyone happen to have cool and try-hard idea? (both musically or technically(DSP))

PS: Can share the patch if anyone is interested


be sure to check out the most excellent karma~ !!

looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


karma~ is my ‘dream sampler’, so pretty happy with it, hehe.

The one weak spot it has, which isn’t so much a concern for me personally, is syncing. Towards that end I know @CrackaAttacka is working on a whole sampling/looping toolkit which should be mindblowing. (essentially a lego kit version of karma~ and related tech/tools).

That being said, my main interest in samplers is:

varispeed (recording/playback)
position/window playback parameters
overdub/replace modes

There’s tons of kickass features in things like the Oberheim/Gibson Echoplex (and subsequently SooperLooper), like multiply and things like that, so that stuff is worth looking at too.

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Rodrigo, I checked karma~ and i’m amazed, good work really. I forgot to mention that the very core of my project started with an old school Ensoniq ASR-10. I actually studied it and made a somehow similar sampler system with using groove~ object.

Everything is pretty much implemented except a filter, still using biquad~ for it. But I will definetily try to embed karma~ into it and see how it goes from there on.

The code for karma~ is available here if you’re wanting to build an external based on the stuff: