Sampling\Slicer Preferences

Hello, everyone!

I’d really like to delve a little deeper into sampling; unfortunately, my current method is kind of the cut-paste Audacity approach which has grown fairly tedious. Is there any software out there (open-source or not) that you would recommend? I’d love to hear your preferences and suggestions!


ableton live is pretty flexible and widely used. but i think renoise is more powerful in many ways. and it’s cheaper, runs on more platforms, and has many open-source sampling/slicing addons, on top of the built-in utilities. i think it’s more powerful than ableton just using the built-in renoise tools, let alone the community-made addons. most of my musical projects run through renoise at some point. i use it for nearly all of the MCRPs, LCRPs, disquiet juntos, and other projects that involve extensive sample manipulation. it’s also nice for quick, easy things like through-zero wave cutting and fx re-sampling. much faster than audacity, and with a UI that’s much friendlier and more powerful than audacity.


That sounds awesome! I’ll check it out and see what I can do. Much appreciated!