Samplr iPad audio USB question

I’ve been thinking about getting an iPad to play with Samplr. I was thinking of “hi-fi” ways to record sounds into the app. I’d like to avoid the built in mic and try the USB audio via lightning cable. Is it possible to configure say an ableton track to output into the iPad? And then bring back the audio from samplr into another track?
If not, are there other ways to get line audio into the app? Maybe my scarlett solo can be plugged in via camera adapter to the iPad?

Lots of questions, thanks in advance

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Maybe with this?

i think you can do this just with osx now - via audio/midi setup? maybe it’s only one way though?

I was trying to do a similar thing a month ago. Playing Samplr over USB using studiomux in Ableton works great if you are using samples already stored on your ipad but recording new samples over USB turned out to be not as straightforward as I hoped.

Studiomux wants apps to be instruments or effects and if the app is an instrument it doesn’t seem to receive sound in. Some apps show up in studiomux as both instruments and effects but Samplr only shows up as an instrument. The solution I found was to run Audiobus inside Studiomux and run Samplr inside Audiobus. However this doesn’t seem to work with Studiomux’s VST connection so I had to just make an aggregate device for audio in and out and send audio over the USB using ableton’s external outs. And then I couldn’t figure out how to sample into Samplr without having the audio also come through over the ipad speakers.

I was working on this for a performance and this solution crashed too often so I abandoned it.

The other solution I was going to try was to send audio from ableton out my interface and into the audio jack on the ipad, but I think that requires a TRRS adapter which Rode makes and I just haven’t gotten around to getting one yet.

You can use Audioshare to transfer samples recorded in Ableton to the ipad and Audioshare can send the samples to Samplr. Something I haven’t tried yet is to see if there is a way to record to from Ableton over USB into Audioshare instead of using wifi to transfer samples.

What you describe does work with other apps. I’ve been sampling from ableton into Borderlands and playing it back into ableton with very few problems.


However, I believe you can connect your soundcard to the iPad via Apple’s lightning to usb connector, even if you will need to power it externally.


That’s exactly what i was expecting to hear :slight_smile:
Thank you very much!

The iConnectMIDI2+ provides MIDI and audio for iOS<->computer. It also acts as a great MIDI interface for other gear. I have it connected to my Windows computer and Machinedrum’s MIDI ports. I can then plug in my iPad to this hub without needed to do anything else. Great little device.


Just an idea (kind of a silly one) but couldn’t you use two interfaces with ADAT i/o to keep the signal digital between the iPad and your computer?

EDIT: @trickyflemming’s solution is much better!

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+1 for audioshare (even audiocopy) by far my best choice for file exchanging between my pad apps and my computer (both linked via dropbox)

when i use my little soundcard the cck lighting-usb cable comes handy:
my path: cck–>usb cable --> powered usb hub–> usb audient id4 (ios compatible)

hope it helps!


Yesterday I tested recording into audioshare over USB and that works using studiomux. From there you can copy into Samplr pretty quickly. Not as graceful as recording right into Samplr. I’m going to try what @trickyflemming suggested when I get my iconnect out of storage in July.

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Thanks people!
I’ll try! :slight_smile: