Samplr MIDI clock sync


Has anyone been able to successfully sync Samplr to another app? I’ve been trying to sync it to Patterning, and tried setting the MIDI Clock Input of Sampler to both Patterning and Network Session, and the MIDI Clock Send of Patterning to the same, but nothing seems to change the Samplr tempo to match the one in Patterning. It also was not able to sync while it’s instantiated in AUM and sending MIDI sync from AUM.

I’m on an iPad Pro, OS 10.3.3. I assume it doesn’t really matter because Samplr hasn’t been updated in about 3 years (very sad face)

Loopy HD has a great, stable MIDI clock out that Samplr follows quite nicely. But only the tempo I think, not the start/stop. Samplr author has been promising an Ableton Link update on Twitter, but that was last winter and no news since… =(

Also, the new AUM update has MIDI clock out, but I haven’t tried that with Samplr yet.

On iOS MIDI clock can be tricky, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. In my experience it varies a lot depending on the app that acts as a MIDI master. Loopy has worked well for me as well, even better worked Modrum (best MIDI implementation I have seen on iOS so far), sometimes I used Modrum also to just de-jitter a wonky clock.

I’ve had good luck with the app MIDI Link Sync. It tracks the current Link tempo and sends out a MIDI clock signal which Samplr can follow. I’ve synced Samplr with Patterning and other apps this way. When the bpm in Samplr turns red, you’re all synced up. Sometimes you need to stop and start the midi clock in MIDI Link Sync a few times to get it going. I think the app is 99 cents.

Yes, MIDI Link Sync works! Patterning and Samplr syncing great. Thanks for all the oehter feedback and recommendations.


Any tips for how to get this working?

What are you trying sync w samplr and what is happening when you try to sync? As above, I’ve had really good luck syncing samplr w various apps using midi link sync. Lemme know what’s happening and I can try to troubleshoot