Samsara: a minimalist looper

Gosh, this is so enjoyable. The double feature is genius and really makes building something complex rather easy. Possibly the addition of restart once the playback is paused. That way you could make an addition to the beginning of the loop later without having to jump back in perfectly when the loop resets. I hope that makes sense (i think it might be similar to the idea you laid out with “extend mode”). I found myself moving into longer compositions quickly with the double feature.

Thanks again for this great device.

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@21echoes Samsara is simply amazing, I have been experimenting with turntables and loopers for several years and this script is simply perfect for the music I am making. The only two features I would love to see in the future are:

An indicator for the loop window such a simple bar moving from left to right with vertical indexes marking the beats (this seems to be already on the roadmap).

A visual metronome, a simple blinking dot such as the one you used for the tap tempo would be perfect.

Thanks again for creating Samsara!


v1.1.0 is up! It adds an audible click track. Enable it via holding K2 and turning E3 (clockwise enables, counter-clockwise disables). Installable through the standard methods, or here as a ZIP.

@bluesmoke hopefully this matches what you wanted re: the blinking dot! However, for now it is only shown when the click is also audible. If you’d like a visual-only “click track”, I can look into adding that as well :+1: my norns did just break the other day, though (USB power jack was torn off the board) so it may be a little while… (EDIT: I got it fixed! wonderful support from monome, as always :smiley:)


Wow, I love this looper. I’ve been looking at expensive hardware options but this makes my day. Any added features will just be icing on the cake.
So sad about the jack, I had that happen tp my 16n. I hate those little jacks. The visual only click track would be nice to stay in the groove. (nevermind about the click. I just noticed it. Doh)

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Hi David,

I am running the 220306 image and I can not get any sound from Samsara. I am running internal clock and all levels have been checked and re-checked, restarted a couple of times.

Any ideas what I could be missing?

Cheers, Morten