samthree - three voice pitched looper


a minimalist looper with three voices.

Video: Samthree demo - YouTube


Note: original code forked from GitHub - 21echoes/samsara: a minimalist looper for norns that eventually reaches nirvana - I have retained the bits of doc that are still relevant.

The original samsara code is a clock synced looper for Norns. I have heavily adapted it to use three voices that playback the original recorded and sync’ed loop. The result lets you make some complex sounds with very simple loops.

  • Voice 1+2: Original 1x (stereo) loop
  • Voice 3: 1/2 speed reversed (mono) loop
  • Voice 4: 2x speed shuffled (mono) loop

I have added a new UI and controls for these three voices. These use Encoder 1 to switch between parameters:

  • E1: Move tab in menu
  • play tab:
    • E2: Number of Beats (identical to Samsara)
    • E3: Pre Level (identical to Samsara)
  • vol tab:
    • E2: Low loop volume (0-1.0)
    • E3: High loop volume (0-1.0)
  • div tab:
    • E2: 1x loop clock divisor (1-8)
    • E3: 2x loop clock divisor (1-8)
  • shuf tab:
    • E2: Shuffle 1x loop (1 normal, 2 = play slices in random order)
    • E3: Shuffle 2x loop (1 normal, 2 = play slices in random order)

Note: I have retained all of the key combos from Samsara. I only changed the encoder settings (see above)

  • K2: Start/pause playback
  • K3: Arm/disarm recording
  • Hold K2+tap K3: Tap tempo
  • Hold K1+tap K2: Double buffer
  • Hold K1+tap K3: Clear buffer

Thank you very much to 21echoes for their Samsara code. This was an excellent base to learn softcut and to learn the ui and params modules.


Norns or norns shield.


Should be available from maiden community soon.

You can also install by putting the following command into matron:



v0.0.1 -
GitHub repository: GitHub - laderast/samthree: a minimalist looper with three voices


Hi everyone. Brand new to norns scripting. I wanted to learn softcut, params, and ui. This was my first attempt to make something, so be kind.


This makes for an extra happy new year.


Thanks! It was a good winter break project.


sweet…looking forward to giving this a spin

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Wow does this look fun. Can’t wait to dig in

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Here’s another improv (YT link: Improv using custom #norns looper. (Norns, TX6, Instrument 1, ThumbJam) - YouTube) using Norns/OP-Z, one of my favorite combos.

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absolutely beautiful work, thank you for sharing this!
and so wonderful that it builds off of another fantastic script :hugs:

i have to admit, i was very much looking forward to the ted lederas era of norns scripting, i’m really stoked that it’s rising with such a lovely greeting :sun_behind_small_cloud:

Aw, thanks @dan_derks!

It took me some time to really wrap my head around softcut and how to achieve what I wanted to do with it. This pretty much replicates an organelle patch I wrote in PD.