Samuel Edmund - Due To (out now on Folded Note)

My first full length album is out now on Folded Note Records! I can’t believe the moment is finally here and I’m super happy with how the tapes turned out.

I figured I’d make a thread for it. If anyone has any questions about process or anything like that, I’d be happy to dive in :slight_smile:

The whole album was made using Buchla Music Easel, Minimoog Model D, Digital Mellotron & lots of loopers and effects. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a huge Ciat-Lonbarde fan and every track on the album was processed by either a Cocoquantus 2, Plumbutter 2 or Din Datin Dudero Stuber. Some tracks feature all 3 :+1:

There’s only a few cassettes left but here’s a link:


Looks like it’s time for me to finally break down and start a tape collection!

Congrats on the release Jae, can’t wait to listen!

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I’ll be more than happy to take your tape virginity :muscle:t3:


its a beautiful album. congrats on the release!


20 characters of thanks :grimacing::pray:

I’ve already got a couple tapes, just no way to listen!

This is a great excuse to start collecting more ambient tapes though!

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I rarely listen to my tapes either! It’s just a nice way to get something physical for your money without taking up the space that vinyl does :joy:

anywhere for us tape virgins to digitally listen to the sweet dulcet tones of your synth doodles?

also, MAKE A SERGE ALBUM ALREADY!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Feelin these delicate gauzy moods, nice one!

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I think you can listen/get the album as digital only on Bandcamp? I hope so anyways :joy:

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Ha! Gauzy is such a good way to put it

Serge album MIGHT happen in 2021 :grimacing:

Or is it 2022 right now? I honestly can’t remember


Will try to figure out bandcamp. :slight_smile:

Being a part of putting out this wonderful record was such a lovely experience and I’m really excited for everyone else to be able to enjoy it now.

@gnome666 The album is free to stream at the bandcamp link in the first post, no account required :slight_smile:

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this looks great!

will check it out soon

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Snagged a tape! Congratulations on the release, friend. Gonna have this on repeat for at least the next week.

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I hope you enjoy it :sunglasses:

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You’re the best! Let me know what you think :grin:

Thanks! sorry, i;m kinda a dummy when it comes to this stuff :slight_smile:

stoked to have you in the family, my dude :v:

I’m curious how you find yourself using plum butter differently than stuber when it comes to processing audio?

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