San Francisco: a performance and the begrudgingly for sale

Brian and Kelli will be performing at my space Better; for Living on Friday, February 19th. They will be playing at around 8, and folks are invited to come early and stay late. We are located at 3425 Balboa Street, between 35th and 36th Avenues. We are across from Simple Pleasures Cafe, next to Noise Records, between Shanghai Dumpling King and Cassava / Marla Bakery. The Outer Richmond hinterlands are actually pretty great.

Also, after an unfortunate string of luck I am in need of some cash and will need slim down my collection. After having passed my Aleph off to Slug_A, I have a 2012 arc4, 2012 grid256, and grid128. They are all in near-perfect condition and I am willing to entertain offers for them piecemeal or for the lot. I hope to reinvest a portion into a contemporary 128, but current fiscal pressure is forcing me to sell the beautiful walnut pieces and slim down to the essentials.


i’ll be there! do i need tickets?

@ingMob at the moment, we hadn’t even considered such, so unless @tehn has other thoughts, nope! If you feel like purchasing something at the store though we will sure take it. There was talk of the availability of donations for beverages. too seeing as we know how people like beverages.

also…from my previous work with Jenny Sabin at Cornell and much experience with stereolithography/polyjet printers, I am curious to hear about this Polyspectra work you are up to, and this functional lithography mentioned on the site.

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awesome. looking forward to meeting you on the 19th and happy to chat any time!

I’ll be there. Excited to finally see Brian and Kelli in SF.

Is the 128 walnut varibright? Are there any features different than the newer? I’m interested in buying. I just had my 128 stolen tonight.

It is indeed! The only feature that I can think of is the form-factor difference that comes with the walnut enclosure - It is thicker than the aluminum edition (though not nearly as hefty as the original walnut editions). Are you in the bay area? If so, you are welcome to come check it out/give it a whirl.

mañana yo! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Sorry for the delay everyone who is interested, but we have an unbalanced recording of the show from February 19th here and we will update the community as soon as our friends have finished editing the footage!


enjoying this a lot, thanks for sharing!

is that @tehn singing towards the end?

I am glad people are enjoying it! It was a great set (and yep! @tehn and Kelli on vocals/all things). I will be cross-posting this on the thread that @tehn started for the event as well. Please forgive the duplicity those who are on both!

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Sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation! I hope you don’t have to sell your stuff! Yet, I also understand a difficult situation… How much for the arc4… I might be interested, but I sure do hate to hear ya having to sell it… As much as I’d like to have one, I hope you can say… Well I’m not selling it now!