San Francisco Bay Area, December 2019

i’m playing two increasingly rare shows in SF bay area weekend after next.

saturday december 14 noon sharp: COMPRESSIONOFTHECHESTCAVITYMIRACLE returns to the infamous and inimitable GODWAFFLENOISEPANCAKES at the super secret location.

sunday december 15 6pm: i’m sitting in on the transcendent music of Tashi Wada with the mighty collaboration of Corey Fogel and Julia Holter, at BAMPFA.

(PS is there appetite for a Bay Area Events megathread, as for other regions? seems silly to make a topic for this.)


I’d be up for this for sure.


just rename this bay area megathread?


also can you please pm me details for the saturday gig?

after a little mod discussion there seemed no clear answer on whether people prefer 1 thread or many threads. i don’t really care either way.


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I think this is the way to go: one thread, so you know where to look, versus a ton of threads and you need to sort through to find one’s own geography.

This is great, SF deserves a thread!

Bump cuz this is about to go down and I’m eating across the street now. Hope to see some lines heads there :purple_heart:

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