Sandstorm: Self-hosted Alternative to Google Apps

Not explicitly music related, but a potentially important tool for other parts of your life:

I had to share because I honestly feel like this is one of the most inspiring tech startups out there (Discourse is another favorite). They make a web app platform that is: free, secure, open source, self-hosted, easy to use, and pretty solid. There are definitely some clunky moments and things are not super well-polished at the moment, but I fully support what they are doing and I want to see them succeed. I’m running all of the internal informational infrastructure for a 6 person company off of a single digital ocean droplet with Sandstorm, and things are working out so far.

In particular, we really like RocketChat (self-hosted Slack) and Wekan (Kanban board (ie Trello)) for work stuff.

The big thing for me is that now you don’t need to spin up a bunch of different VMs (or Docker containers) to just try out a self-hosted web app. I’d love to see more things ported to this environment. They deal with all of the security and authorization for you, and as a non-developer the 1-click install is a huge plus.


Small World department: I know one of the founders, Kenton. My first project at Google was leading research in the area of capability systems, which are also the underpinning of security in Sandstorm.


Thanks for bringing this to my attention. This looks very interesting (and timely at that).

From a quick search he seems like an interesting dude…did you ever get to play at the video game house?

Thank you for this. Truly interesting technology - we’re checking it out now for RocketChat and Wekan specifically. Developer credentials are humbling, Audrey Tang involved too, and every startup needs a Chief Entropy Officer.


Nope - but co-workers did, and said it is as awesome as it looks.

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Bumping this after finding out you can use WordPress and Piwik (self hosted web analytics) directly in SandStorm. Also, 2017 is going to be awesome.