saturday march 4 1pm EST on NTS2 - tehn

an assemblage of sounds, old and new and forgotten together.

thank you to beau beaumont for the invitation. NTS is a gem.

(archive and elaboration forthcoming, after broadcast)

saturday march 4 1pm EST – NTS 2


this is EXCITING
thanks for advance notice

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bump for now playing.


locked and listening in london uk :notes:

oop, my set is the second half— 30 mins. beau + steve are up now


It’s sounding good, whoever it is!

so so good, thanks brian!
i haven’t heard “eighteenth” in a long while… what a beautiful tune :white_heart:

is there maybe a tracklist for the set?


oh no, I just saw this! Bummed to have missed it. Please do let us know when there’s an archive of it — I’d really love to listen


thanks for listening!

it was an nice challenge i hadn’t encountered before: assemble 30 minutes on short notice for broadcast. it’s a bit like doing a set list for a live show, except that i pulled from material that wasn’t strictly of the moment. a prerequisite of performance is that you need to remember how to play the song you write on the set list. searching the archive uncovered many forgotten fragments, most having people and places and performances closely attached.

given beau’s past shows i decided on no drums, so that was an anchor. the second, slow is ok.


  • aeon (gnostics, 2020)
  • eighteenth (minor edit, 2006, released on DU 2014)
  • wide awake (gnostics, 2020)
  • untitled [1] (unreleased, 2022)
  • silence as antimatter (gnostics, 2020)
  • averroes ii [2] (unreleased, 2011)
  • cycle ii [3] (unreleased, 2010)
  • the ash and the stars (gnostics, 2020)

[1] from many portals at half hideen, a marathon 7 hour performance during open studios. the excerpted section was livecoded norns, sequins controlling juno 106. room mic captured stray conversation, ripped from video capture.

[2] one of three movements based on a chord progression that persisted through nearly a decade’s worth of live performances but was never properly tracked. usually a foundation for a soloist (notably pekka kuusisto in 2017 at sibelius house) and kelli later wrote a vocal part (for softbits). @instantjuggler also created some incredible variations of his color ring cycle for this one at shows in iceland, sweden, and finland. the first performance kelli and i smashed beats over the top at telefonica in madrid, 2012 (thanks trent for watching the farm!)

[3] one of four, minimal two voice rotations. again performed frequently but never committed to finished recording. typically improvised over the top, but for this broadcast i overlaid an old favorite capture from sweetgrass

download available soon. thanks again.


the show is available in the nts archive now


listened to this once through earlier today and enjoyed it. Giving it a closer listen now and feeling absolutely blown away

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thank you! i also posted an mp3 over at nnnnnnnn